First Circle List - pBaldur 50pts

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First Circle List - pBaldur 50pts

Post by BlazeHeroic » Thu May 21, 2015 11:26 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I would take a shot at my first 50 point list with pBaldur and the Circle. Here goes:

- Baldur the Stonecleaver (+6)
- Gorax (4)
- Gnarlhorn Satyr (8)
- Megalith (11)
- Druids of Orboros (7)
- Overseer (2)
- Stoneward & Woldstalkers (5)
- Shifting Stones (2)
- Stone Keeper (1)
Tharn Wolf Riders (10)
- Druid Wilder (2)

The thought is that I would use the warbeasts and wolf riders as the "crash the gates" shock troops, the druids, woldstalkers, and wilder as ranged support, and the shifting stones as emergency rescue for Baldur and any other warbeasts in trouble.

Any thoughts on the list and any improvements would be appreciated. It's my first list and I'm picking what seems like a good list, but I havent had much chance to play many games so I don't know for sure.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Also, just going through the forces book, I have Tier 4 benefits, so I'm exactly at 50 points.


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