Convergence of Cyriss

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Convergence of Cyriss

Post by Muttonstashe » Mon May 04, 2015 8:11 am

So I played my first game with CoC last night, against a new Circle player, and I gotta say, I absolutely love them.

The Mitigator's razor bola, an aoe 3 pow - knockdown machine, was absolutely brutal for forcing my opponent to spread his forces out, and heavily punishing him if he didn't.

The Galvanizer's ability to repair warjacks was underused, but I can certainly see how that could be used well.

The Cipher was an absolute monster. He survived getting charged by a Feral Warpwolf, and then made the mangy mutt into red goo the next turn, with only one arm functional.

Forge Master Syntherion was certainly my kind of Jack-heavy caster. Not having to pay upkeep for spells cast on my battlegroup meant that I never had to waste focus. His feat didn't end up being all that great, although I blame that on me blowing it a turn too early, before my Cipher was in charge range. He ended up being surprisingly good at punching people, with ARM 18 and P+S 14, making him better than most of my light jacks in every way. And the fact that his warjacks auto-repaired 1d3 per turn made sure that they stayed in combat for as long as possible.

The Corrolary was a focus battery, there's not much else to it.

And lastly, the Optifex Directive made sure that my jacks had deceptively more health than it seemed, as they were reliably repairing 1d6 per turn. They also granted a boost to ARM and DEF, which singlehandedly let me win the game, as it kept the Cipher alive through its first round of combat.

All in all, I found CoC to be some of the most fun I've had playing WarmaHordes yet, as their units all work directly with each other. Obviously there's plenty of room for improvement, as each individual part of the army needs to be used perfectly in order to reach it's full potential, or really be able to do anything.
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