15pt EKreoss List from a newb

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15pt EKreoss List from a newb

Post by SobieFett » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:57 pm

I'm fairly new to Warmachine gameplay. I have been kinda tip toeing multiple faction lists and starting off small games. In the 15 pt range and as I grow I'd like some advice of this list:

Knights Exemplar
Knights Exemplar
KE Seneschal

IR one KE unit then Sacro the other. It's tier so start 6" further up. Spread them out and as I start losing them, they get stronger.

Please advise if list is sound or not and suggestions as I move up to 25 point games.


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Re: 15pt EKreoss List from a newb

Post by Nozmo » Tue May 12, 2015 1:10 pm

You seem to have done a fair bit of research already, and I will preface my comment with the fact that I am still new myself and learning, but everything I've read brings me to the same conclusion. You need to FIND a way to get the choir on the board if you play these religious zealots. As you suggested, Menoth's units strengthen each other, either through spells/buffs or benefits upon death.

I do not have the entire Menoth army book, so I will defer to someone with more experience. But whether you are playing a 100 point wargame or a 25 point skirmish there is no substitute for the choir in my opinion based on the research i've done so far.

Good luck and Safe Journey!

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Re: 15pt EKreoss List from a newb

Post by BigZombieKing » Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:43 pm

What other models do you have? your list seems fine for 15 pts. You my find that you may wish you had a vanquisher or a redeemer and vassal instead of that Reckoner. If you do not own a vassal of menoth, a choir, the covenant of menoth, exemplar errants (with UA), and Rhupert Carvolo get those soon. Kreoss likes the Reckoner, Vanquisher, and Redeemer. The Repenter is good no matter what caster u have. I often use kreoss with a pair of redeemers and a reckoner, vassal, choir, rhupert, errants with UA, and covenant.


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