Death Guard

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Death Guard

Post by WandalfTheGhite » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:49 pm

I was just going through all of the legions when I came upon the Death Guard, and I thought about how I could make a pretty nice looking army with a bit of green stuff. I started looking on forge world for Death Guard bitz, and I noticed they have a plague marine upgrade sprue, just wondering if anyone has ever tried this, and if it is better than the GW plague marines. I made a pretty decent army list to go with it to.

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Death Guard:
HQ: Daemon Prince - 180 points
- Mark of Nurgle
- Gift of Chaos
- Wings
Elites: Chaos Terminators x3 - 140 points
- Champion w/two lightning claws
- Chaos Glory
- 2 Terminators w/ lightning claw and combi-melta
Troops: Plague Marines x7 - 226 points
- 2 plasma guns
- Rhino
Plague Marines x7 - 216 points
- 2 meltaguns
- Rhino
Heavy Support: Obliterators x3 - 225 points

Total: 987 Points

I basically want to have the terminators deepstrike by a transport melta gun it and then charge the troops with the lightning claws. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Death Guard

Post by Chaosstryver » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:33 pm

That doesn't seem decent.

You can't have a fluffy list and have a decent (for chaos standards) list with Chaos.

Gift of Chaos isn't good but it is awesome to see loads of Spawn running around a board

Your terminators won't be able to use their lightning claws and the champion is 10pts for an attack (waste of points). SM terminators are not Chaos Terminators. You deep strike them behind a tank and blow it up with combi-meltas. They will probably die and not be able to use their lightning claws so don't bring lightning claws.

Give your PMs 1 Flamer and 1 Meltagun per squad.
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Re: Death Guard

Post by Zero » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:22 am

Since when did giving Terminators Lightning Claws become a decent thing to do? You can't assault after Deep-Striking, so just stick to the 3 Combi-Melta kit.

Get rid of Gift of Chaos. The best power (outside of Lash of Submission) is probably Doombolt because of how cheap it is.

I agree with 1 meltagun and 1 flamer, and take a Champ with a Powerfist on both squads and a combi-melta if you can afford it.
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