1000 point doubles tournament. IG and chaos Demons

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1000 point doubles tournament. IG and chaos Demons

Post by irendlikecrazy » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:53 pm

here is my partners list:

Lord Commissar - 80 points
Carapace armour

Veteran squad - 175 points
3x meltas

Veteran squad- 175 points
3x meltas

Leman russ - 185 points
Main battle tank
Heavy bolter sponsons

Leman russ - 185 points
Main battle tank
Heavy bolter sponsons

Leman russ - 200 points
Demolisher cannon
Heavy bolter sponsons

1000 exactly

Here is my list:
green units are turn 1 demonic assaulting.

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of sorcery
breath of Chaos

Herald of Khorne

20 pink horrors

10 bloodletters

3 Flamers

Demon Prince of Slaanesh
Pavane of Slaanesh
Iron Hide

The bloodletters and the herald are attached to each other and are the counter-assault.

The herald of Tzeentch does what he wants. I was going to give him bolt, but I don't need to include any anti-tank, so I went for Breath. I was thinking about removing We Are legion, but if I kill a unit outright, WaL will still help with re-directing my fire to another unit. Thoughts?

The pink horrors are mostly a deathstar. I will deepstrike them a bit far away so the enemy cannot tie them up in combat, passively saving his skin from being wrecked by the IG heavy support cannons.

The demon prince is for the epic pavane that will synergize so awesomely with the battle cannons. >:D

the flamers are the suicide unit, obviously. :P

I will also hide the khorne units behind the tanks. They will deepstrike somewhere safe!

as will the demon prince...

If you think anything needs changing, or if I should toss in some bolts for good measure, let me know.

Hopefully my partner will come in and post his tactics as well. If not, check the Imperial Guard section.

also posted this in the Imperial Guard section.

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Re: 1000 point doubles tournament. IG and chaos Demons

Post by sal luke » Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:24 pm

good ideas m8. but u cant see flamers as suicid units. because ur wastin 105 pnts on one hit wonders which is pointless, when u can use there ranged attack to pepper units then use the late game to contest or break units on objectives and use cover 2 ur advantage to block sight to them but see things which wont impact them greatly

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Re: 1000 point doubles tournament. IG and chaos Demons

Post by Marit Lage » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:08 am

Then you're missing the point entirely of Flamers of Tzeentch. They're tailor made to be suicide units; they're too expensive and fragile per model to be anything else.

I like the list, though Skulltaker (on a Juggernaut of not) would seem to be a little better.

To really abuse the Pavane of Slaanesh though, I would either play a Keeper of Secrets, or a second Daemon Prince. Oh, and drop Iron Hide for Daemonic Flight.

Tentative list: just trying to guesstimate here:

Keeper of Secrets/Herald of Tzeentch/Blue Scribes
pavane of Slaanesh

9 Pink Horrors

9 Pink Horrors

8 Bloodletters

Daemon Prince
wings, pavane of Slaanesh

Daemon Prince
wings, pavane of Slaanesh
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