Hey to everyone

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Hey to everyone

Post by MaverickAKQJ » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:04 am

Hey there,
I've just registered on the site and the Forum so thought I'd say hi to everyone here!

I used to play 40k till about 10 years ago and have just decided to get back into the hobby (how much do I regret selling all my minis about now? - it was only 3,000 points of NIds, same again of Space Wolves and about 1,000 of Orks...... SOB!)

I've just bought the boxed game from my local games store and a NId codex, I'd really like to get your guys opinion on what to buy to get me back up to a competitive level, I will just buy a 1,000 army outright to start.

I'm based in the UK.

Thanks for any advice guys!!


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