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First post! Good job, now post more...
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My name is Jeroen, I'm a 45 year-old Dutchman.
I work in IT as an Infrastructure / Cloud Architect, though I am reschooling myself at the moment towards Machine Learning.

I've been a life-long gamer, primarily board- and cardgames, some roleplaying, some miniatures, and quite a lot of videogaming too.
I joined up to "group" motivate myself to keep painting mini's. I got into it some two years ago, but am very fickle in my painting stints.

Because I come from primarily a boardgame background, and miniatures are a big part of the games I like, that was the impetus for starting painting for me. I am eye-balling numerous miniatures games as well, while I try to restrain myself in new purchases until I complete some projects.

I am currently working on, or want to start working on:
  • Runebound 3rd edition - 10 mini's, 4 done
    Star Wars Imperial Assault - 70 mini's, 30 done
    Descent 2nd Edition - 115 mini's, 0 done
    Mansions of Madness 2nd edition - 64 mini's, 0 done
    Middle-earth Quest - 10 mini's, 0 done
    XCOM The Board Game - 44 mini's, 8 done
    The Walking Dead All Out War - 6 mini's, 0 done
    self-made City board, 9 30x30cm modular pieces - boards and pavements cut and glued together
    various terrain bits and incoming Walking Dead scenery booster
I like the weekly painting challenge section here, which I will use to keep motivated to keep painting.
At the moment I am at a point where I love the results of painting (i.e. painted miniatures look great on the board!), but less the process.

Regardless, it's time to get back into the game again! :)


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