Hello from the UK

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Hello from the UK

Post by steve40k » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:41 pm


I am based in Kent in the UK (old England). Been absent from war gaming for far too long and am set to return to it once I've moved house that will supply me with a well deserved man cave that is way overdue.

I got into 40k 2nd edition through school friends and Space Marine which later became known as Epic. Battles used to take place on bedroom floors, landings (one friend's parents had a big house in the countryside that we played a massive game of Epic on his landing - battles within battles - great fun - no clear winner), and after school on Friday's in a classroom with a group of war gamers. I was totally obsessed with Eldar, probably because of my hunger for sci-fi and understanding tech which led me to becoming a DevOps Software Engineer.

Once I've moved house and the man cave is finally mine I intend to build a war gaming table - modular naturally - and make use of all the awesome tutorials on making terrain and painting models that there are In the Vault.

Perhaps even try out 40k 8th edition and hopefully get some new models as well! Wonder if miniwargaming.com will play some retro games for us old-timers?

Read the occasional Black Library novels about 40k. Read the Gav Thorpe Eldar Paths trilogy. Got a copy of Eisenhorn that I'm yet to start!

Recently grabbed some codex 2nd edition off of e-bay for Ultramarines (that I've always liked), Imperial Guard (that I grew to like), Tyranids and Chaos that I'm just horrified by but just can't help reading about!

I have a very busy life looking forward to chilling out in a calm atmosphere with friendly people.


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Re: Hello from the UK

Post by Dheiti » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:40 am

Welcome along Steve! When I got into the game we played on a friends garage floor! Can't beat it!

8th edition is pretty decent, and I was admittedly very sceptical of it as I genuinely loved 7th (Bloat and all!)

Enjoy the forums!
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