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New to the Forum and Hobby

Post by OlderThanTime » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:59 am

Hey, Older-than-Time here.

I've just recently found that MWG has forums...

I'm a relative noob to wargaming in general, but I've been a fan of 40k for years. I...admittedly write too much fanfiction but I've been slowly stepping away from that to work on breaking into actual fiction writing. Nothing published yet. If anyone really cares to see what I've done until this point in terms of writing (fanfiction), here's a link to my SV profile: ... time.7535/

My current big project (in addition to writing my own content) is creating an addendum/adjustment for MWG's Deathwatch Narrative Campaign system, bringing it up to 8th Edition as well as adding some stuff to compensate for the small holes I've run into while running a game or two.

The system MWG is solid on its own, so long as you don't intentionally add in things from the new edition. But with the changes made by GW, adjustments were needed. Here's the thread I started on the topic, which has the links to the Rules I rewrote as well as Character/Squad Sheets:


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Re: New to the Forum and Hobby

Post by Dheiti » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:41 am

Welcome along! Yeah we fly a little under the radar here hehe!
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