Demelode's Army Update (12/04/2012)

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Demelode's Army Update (12/04/2012)

Post by Demelode » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:29 pm

Hey, I just wanted to give a progress report on my new Necron army!

First with the previous links:

Receiving My Army in the Mail
My Army List

Now to the new pictures!

First, the state of my painting area. It's a few days old, but it's roughly similar. The differences are: my first overlord is painted, all the warriors and now undercoated, 9 are fully done (other then base), and 9 more are about 75% done. Still got lots to do!

Here's a distanced picture of the front of my overlord and 9 warriors.

Now a little closer coming from the left.

Here's a close up of the front of the overlord.

Turned them around to show their backs. There's some light glare, especially on the overlord, sorry.

Overlord's side.

So, what do ya think so far? Any suggestions? I'm thinking about doing something with the chest symbol on the warriors. Make it green or something. Also, any suggestions on the theme of the bases? I'm trying to stay away from the generic full-on"grassy green" base, as it'll clash with the green theme, as well as any sort of "gravelly grey" for the same rational. I'm thinking a swampy feel?
Necron Army
HQ: Overlord (MSS + RO + Scy + Ph) x2, Cryptek (EL + SP) x2
Troop: 10 Immortals (G. + P. Overlord), 7 Warriors (Cryptek + Ghost Ark) x2, 15 Warriors (P. Overlord)
Fast: 5 Scarabs x2, 3 Wraiths (WC) x2
Heavy: Annilation Barge x2

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