Two More Battle Reports, vs IG and vs Tyranids

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Two More Battle Reports, vs IG and vs Tyranids

Post by DrBored » Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:53 am

Alright Wyches and Gents, I've got a few more quick and dirty battle reports for you. I tried two different lists, so let's just dive right into it...

First match was against IG. 2000 points. Here's what I brought:
-All vehicles have FF and all Venoms have the extra SC

HQ - Haemonculus with Liquifier and Venom Blade
EL - Kabalite Trueborn (3) with Blasters in Venom - x2
EL - Grotesques (4) with Aberration w/Scissorhand and Liquifier in Raider
TR - Warriors (5) with Blaster in Venom - x4
TR - Wyches (10) with Hekatrix w/Power Weapon and x2 Hydra Gauntlets and Haywire Grenades in Raider - x2
HV - Ravager - x2
HV - Razorwing Jetfighter with SC and Disintegrator

His list included Iron Hand Straken and 6 platoon squads. 3 of them had Lascannons and 3 had Autocannons, and they were joined into 2 massive blob squads. He also had a Valkyrie with 3 twin-linked Lascannons, a Basilisk, a Leman Russ Battle Tank, and a Demolisher, as well as vets in the Valkyrie and two Chimeras, one with vets, the other with a command squad. Lastly, he had a missile launcher heavy weapons team and Battle Psyker squad out in the open. Oh wait, he also had a squad of Penal Legion that didn't come out till turn 3.

I rolled a 1 for drugs, so extra run chance, and he won first turn. Game was pitched battle, objective grab, with 3 objectives. He placed two on his side where he made his nice, very neat battle line with tanks spread out and Chimeras off to one flank. I deployed with my Trueborn opposite to the Chimeras and my Ravagers there to intercept the Chimeras and Valkyrie, with my Wyches and Grotesques front and center.

Turn 1, he stunned or immobilized 2 of my Raiders (one with Grots, one with Wyches) and stunned a Venom with Warriors, and slowly moved his Chimeras forward and popped smoke.

I managed to charge my Wyches forward and get them into assault with his massive Autocannon blob squad first turn. Yay for free pivots. They got their 6" run and 6" assault and drew the whole squad in. I ran my Grots into cover and did some ineffective shooting at his Chimeras, and was left out of range to hit his Basilisk on the other side with my Trueborn. Oh well. My Razorwing Jetfighter shot all of its missiles at the autocannon squad to soften them up. Too many Guardsmen to assault with one squad of Wyches. The other squad went to go assault his smoke-popped Chimera with Haywires. Did alright, with a weapon-destroyed and immobilized, but they were set up to be taken out very quickly.

Turn 2 was devastating. He systematically targeted my vehicles and stunlocked them or immobilized them. The assault with the Wyches went fantastically, with the squad whittled down rapidly. Still couldn't kill enough though, and he brought Straken in to assault as well. His squads continued to shoot, taking out one of my Venoms, the explosion killing the Trueborn within completely. The grots got shot up by the Demolisher, but survived in cover. The other Chimera brought its flamers to bear and utterly wiped out the Wych squad. I tried to move my troops in to secure my objective, but it was clear he wasn't budging from his two on the other side of the board.

Turn 3 was the deciding turn of the game. With Straken in the battle and my Grots too far away from anything to affect the battle, it was just a matter of stopping my troops from contesting his objectives. He zipped his Valkyrie with vets in to contest the objective on my side of the board and proceeded to run down my Wyches, who managed to kill all but the Commissar in that massive blob squad. I took a bunch of shots at the other squad, and managed to take down both of his platoon command squads and his leman russ and basilisk with Trueborn (between turn 2 and 3. That squad did awesome). I wasted shots at the Psyker Battle squad, but they weren't doing much to affect the battle, using weaken morale to make my morale 4 points lower, but it wasn't very effective. My Grots were taken out by the Demolisher at last.

I tried to go for a last ditch thing. I managed to contest one of his objectives with my Trueborn, and if I could clear his Valkyrie off of my side of the table and kill the guys inside, I could draw at the very least. His Valkyrie, with it's 4+ cover save from turbo boosting, refused to die after I brought all my remaining anti-vehicle fire to bear (4 blasters and 4 dark lances, so not great odds). He won the game, holding one objective and contesting two. At that point it was pointless to go on. I had lost both Wych squads, my Grotesques and Haemonculus, a full Trueborn squad and their Venom, and a Warrior squad, with most of my vehicles either immobilized or wrecked. At the end, I had 3 squads of Warriors and one Ravager and my Razorwing that could still affect the battle, not great odds.

I think my main problem was in deployment. If I had taken more risks with my Wych Squads and launched them at both his blob squads instead of just one, I would have contested both of those objectives and remained locked in, giving my Grots time to charge up to join the fray. I wasted my Grots and Wyches potential in charging things that I couldn't effect. The way he blobbed his squads to protect his heavy weapons was nifty, but against a more assault-based army I can definitely see his army having problems. If the enemy's big hitters are locked in assault, then his big templates will have little to shoot at. That said, those blob squads were pretty wicked, soaking up a lot of wounds on regular dudes.

So, a loss for my Dark Eldar against IG, always a tough matchup, but especially here. His target-priority was spot on, mine was less so. Him getting first turn was really a deciding factor all on its own. I couldn't recover after he disabled so many of my vehicles, vehicles I really needed to take out *his* vehicles! Luck of the draw though, was a great game and he was a great guy!


On to the next game! Tyranids vs Dark Eldar, 1850 points.

I changed up my list a little. I dropped the Grotesques and added a Haemonculus. I put the Haemonculi in with the Wyches (dropped to 9 a piece) to start them off with Pain Tokens, and buffed my Trueborn up to 4 and managed to fit in a Casket of Flensing and Shattershard!

His list included a Swarmlord with Hive Guard, a Winged Hive Tyrant, two Tervigons, two squads of Gaunts, a squad of Zoanthropes, a squad of Tyrant Guard, and a Trygon Prime, as well as some Ymgarl Genestealers.

Deployment was Spearhead, 5 objectives, secondary Kill Points. The objectives were spread out in the middle of the battlefield like the 5 on a dice side, very even and fair. I rolled for an extra attack on my drugs. He got first turn.

He deployed everything bunched up and forward. I deployed my stuff farther back.

Turn 1 he spent his entire turn running forward and pooping more gaunts. Managed to get the maximum roll on one (4 5 and 6 for total of 15) and 9 on the other without rolling doubles. He ran forward but otherwise was out of range. His swarmlord and Zoanthropes were in area terrain, with his gaunts spreading out to the objectives. By the end of his turn, he had full control over 4 objectives.

I wasn't about to let him have that. I moved my Ravagers and two Warrior Venoms around to destroy his Hive Guard, taking out his shooting early. I split my Haemonculi off of the Wych squads and had each head lazily towards objectives on my side. The Razorwing, Trueborn, and other Warriors started to spread out towards the other flank. I opened fire on everything I could and ended up taking out one of his Tervigons and Swarmlord immediately. I assaulted his Winged Hive Tyrant with my Wyches and they remained in combat for a good long while, trading blows.

Turn 2 he tried to surge forward. He got another squad of Gaunts and tried to take potshots at my venoms with his Zoanthropes. He got very unlucky and perils twiced, losing one of his Zoanthropes. The last managed to shoot but didn't do anything. The Hive Tyrant and Wyches continued to do battle. His Genestealers appeared and assaulted my Venom and Raider, but to no effect.

I moved my Raider forward and deposited the Wyches. I used my Casket on one squad of Gaunts and got a str 5 ap 6, assault 10 out of it, which was pretty decent. The Shattershard managed to kill one Genestealer out of the 3 that it hit. Not too shabby. The Wyches assaulted the Genestealers and the combats continued. I finished off his other Tervigon and cut down his Zoanthropes and turboboosted my Warrior Venoms to contest the other objectives. My Razorwing unloaded the rest of its missiles at the Gaunt squad on the other side of the table holding his objective.

Turn 3 his Trygon popped out and attacked one of my Ravagers to no effect. His Winged Hive Tyrant lost combat and died but his Genestealers stuck in it for the long haul until one Genestealer was left fighting 4 Wyches (the Hive Tyrant left 6 Wyches alive, which were then assaulted by Termagaunts, which they quickly dispatched over the course of the 2 player turn 3's). His Zoanthrope, down to one by now, tried to shoot down some Trueborn but to no avail.

I finished off his Zoanthropes and cleared gaunts off of two more objectives with Venom and Razorwing fire. I also killed off his Trygon with more Venom fire. With no more big guys, his Genestealers down to 1 and only a handful of Gaunts left around the table, we called it there, with me holding 3 objectives and contesting 2.

In this game, I actually had decent target priority. I've become familiar with what Tyranids do in battle and what upgrades they get after a few games. It wasn't hard to figure that the Gaunts weren't going to do much to me and that the big beasties needed to die in specific ways. I knew assaulting the Swarmlord would be a mistake, so I shot it down with everything I had. I knew the Hive Tyrant was inflated for its appearance, with only 4 attacks that my Wyches could ignore with 4+'s. The Hive Guard had to go too. I did not want him to get in range of my vehicles and start popping them.

Dark Eldar is a very tough opponent for Tyranids to beat. In all honesty, I think he should have dropped his Trygon Prime for more Hive Guard or Doom of Malan'Tai and spent the extra points elsewhere. For 250 points, the Trygon simply didn't do what it needed to in order to win its points back. The only thing I could've improved upon in this game would be to start moving towards the objectives earlier. Once his Tervigons and big melee things were locked in with my Wyches, I should have been more bold with moving for the far objectives. This would have given me a better chance to deny them cover saves and secure a maximum win. (as an fyi, we were both practicing for tournament play, so while it was casual, we were both 'in the zone'.)

In terms of lists... I think I will end up dropping the Grotesques. I'm glad I didn't pump a bunch of money into buying the models (or converting them) because in the 3 games that I've played them, they just haven't done what they should do. Yes against IG, they did soak up 2 full Demolisher blasts before dying, but otherwise weren't fast enough to get locked in combat, and for 250 points plus the Haemonculus... well, it's easy to see where I could get frustrated.

The Wyches... I'm still learning how to use them properly. I think the biggest boon I can give them is to start them with the Haemonculi. Losing one Wych and special weapon is worth them sticking in the fight with a 4+/4+ save, if I can get them there. Against IG I was lucky that he deployed his men right at the edge and that I could still get the maximum distance out of my Raider and their fantastic run speed, but that was a lot of luck to get them that far. I don't think I'll run them with Haywire Grenades at all. They're just not worth it. If they get locked in combat with a Dreadnought, so be it. The Dread isn't going anywhere and neither are they for a little while, and in the current meta, tying up dreads is just what you want to do anyway. The Wyches really do shine against IG blobs and certain Tyranid beasties, especially with an Agoniser to help put on those extra wounds.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read and these two new battle reports. I think eventually I'll just start a 'Dr. Bored Battle Report Thread'.. I'll do that next time :3

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Re: Two More Battle Reports, vs IG and vs Tyranids

Post by Skari » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:41 am

Thanks for the write ups. Good read. Shame that the grotesques did not do it for you, against guard a good strategy is to reserve, and then rush him with as much as possible as it arrives, at least the units that you have have the jump on him when they do rather than sitting there for a turn while he immobilizes your cc raiders.

The grotesques are quite good. I just run 3, but when I do my enemies learn quite quickly that DE can actually soak up firepower? What! Heheh.

Cheers! Cant wait for more.

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Re: Two More Battle Reports, vs IG and vs Tyranids

Post by Nappen » Tue May 01, 2012 12:17 am

Thanks for the write up. I have only gone against IG once and kept it all in reserve as he had first turn. I like playing tyranids...lots to shoot at.

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