GB 73: Something Scary for Halloween

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GB 73: Something Scary for Halloween

Post by Nappen » Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:25 am

Welcome to Group Build Number 73

For right now put your progress threads in the GB 71 folder. I have asked Matt to make a "current build" folder that we will use for all current builds and then I will move them out after voting. Should keep the boards clean and the builds easy for us to find. But...for now just use GB 71 as the current folder.

This month's theme: Something Scary

Since October is coming and I am a sucker for anything Halloween, this build's theme is "something scary." So, anything that speaks to you of horror, Halloween, vampires, goblins, ghosts and ghouls.

If anyone has any questions; this is the place to ask!


1) Those who participate are expected to post progres s reports of their build under their own topic heading (i.e. GBXIX:Blue’s Big Hill).
-Please format it like this. Place ‘GBXVIII:’ in the beginning of your subjects.
-Once completed you MUST edit the topics title to include the word “complete”. (i.e. GBXV:Blue’s Big Hill-Complete) This is done by editing the original posts subject.-Once completed I will usually choose 2 of the completed pictures from every build to be added to the voting thread, but the number of entries may enable more, or require less

2) Please don't post pictures of a piece of terrain that you have already built. The idea of this build is to make something new. Therefore you must post at least 2 pictures, one being a work in progress, one being a finished product. Play fair, don't cheat!

3) Entries must be completed by the deadline in order to qualify.

4) You can enter multiple times.
-please do a separate thread for each entry.

5) All participants that complete will get a campaign ribbon added to their sig.
-I will keep tabs on everyone who completes and deserves a ribbon/badge until the ribbons are issued.
-Only one completion each month goes towards ribbons, ie three completions in a month gets one ribbon, not three.

6) Builds must be painted to be eligible for voting.

The build begins Now and finishes 10/31/16 11:59 PM CET. With voting the first week in November.

Follow-up thoughts:
It is recommended that you hold off on making a thread until you have some thing to show in it. (You can always do a sketch and post a picture of that)
Take some pictures of your build that you feel really show it off the best. It always helps to have a mini next to it for scale also.

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