1,500 points Chaos Army list!

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Re: 1,500 points Chaos Army list!

Post by fluffyfen » Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:18 pm

its all situational but ideally you dont want your oblits close enough to utilize a melta if you are then your doing it wrong since most of their weapons are long range ( i.e. lascannon plasma cannon or even the multi-melta) use chosen with 5 meltas and a rhino itll work most of the time when you come on from the edge with outflank move the max twelve into cover if possible then move another 12 next turn if you have to and pop smoke then im sure you'll be in range to disembark and melt to slag w/e your gunning for then pop back in and move across to the next target. this works even better if you ahve two rhinos with chosen in them
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