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Watford UK Gaming club

Post by Demonwolf » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:40 am

Hi All

Watford Wargames (UK) is reopening after its move and hiatus
We have between 8 -12 tables and more than enough terrain to go around,
We are a multi game club that has a large 40k base but we have terrain for AoS, WHFB, Dead mans hand ( Wild West game ) Bolt Action, X wing and more

We're a friendly group always open to new gamers

We run on Wednesday nights 6 - 10 pm and the occasional weekend campaign/ tournament

First visit is free then it's £5 per night for a non member or £4 for a member membership fee being £1 per months left in the year

We are located on St Andrews Road South Oxhey Watford Hertfordshire next to the Co-Op

Please look at our FaceBook page Watford Wargames

Looking forward to seeing you


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