40k in Waynesville-St. Robert-Fort Leonardwood

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40k in Waynesville-St. Robert-Fort Leonardwood

Post by Nemesor-Tzeentch » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:34 am

Looking for more players for our monthly LARGE 40K games! We normally play a minimum of 2K. These are highly fun games, so bring your Forgeworld, bring your heavily converted. Only rule is you must bring the correct codex!

Location: Gamer's Hideout
Meeting Times: One weekend every month. PM for exact dates.
Games Played: Warhammer 40k
Current Collection:
CSM: ~6300 w/o upgrades
Daemons: ~1300 w/o upgrades.
Renegades & Heretics: ~1500 w/o upgrades.


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