LFC in or near San Bernardino, CA

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LFC in or near San Bernardino, CA

Post by Sparx-MacGyver » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:35 am

Hey folks I haven't been in the wargaming scene in some time and am just starting to slowly come back. Looking for some casual players that don't mine me using proxies for a bit, as my army was lost to a house fire sometime back.

I started playing 40K in '06 with 4th edition but stopped due to the above loss of army. I'm itching to get back in and give different games a try and find a group of friends to wargame with.

I live in San Bernardino but as I've no space to host I'm willing to travel a bit to get some gaming in. I frequent Riverside, Moreno Valleyz and Corona as well.


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