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Join the 420 Guild (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Post by SOLIAM » Fri May 04, 2012 1:16 pm

Toronto Gaming Club (420 Guild)

Location:St.Clair Ave West near Arlington Rd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PM me for exact address)
Meeting Times: Sundays from 1pm - 9pm (Starting May 13/2012)
Games Played: Various wargames and boardgames (Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes, Kings of War, RISK, Zombies!!!, Axis & Allies, Smallworld, etc). Sometimes we break out the consoles for some videogaming.

A brand new ADULTS ONLY gaming group in Toronto. You must be 19+ to join, no minors allowed. We have two 6'x4' gaming tables (one is flocked and dedicated purely to wargaming while the other is not flocked and can be used for wargames, boardgames, painting & building miniatures, etc). Join the 420 Guild and enjoy gaming with fellow adults while being able to drink! No minors means we don't have to censor ourselves and we can have a ton of fun without worrying about warping the innocent minds of the youth. JOIN NOW!!!

Sol Invictus

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