What is Mini of the Month?

An ongoing themed competition, hosted by Greywolf and Woulfgar
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What is Mini of the Month?

Post by Greywolf » Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:34 pm

What is is?: MoTM (as it will be referred to as) is a monthly entry based showcase of your modelling and painting ability. Think group build and painting pledge combined! LOL

What themes are there?: These change from month to month are will be determined by the previous month's winner. While they can be anything, we will try to keep the crazy ones to just a few, and do our best to make sure that most throughout the year can be used in an actual game. We don't want to make it strictly 100% game usable as that will stifle the creativity of some of our members. Also, we will try and keep them as ambiguous as possible to allow folks in all three GW gaming systems to enter.

When are they run?: We will try and run them from the 1st to the 25th of each month. This will enable the judge (previous winner) to choose the winner and post the next month's theme.

What are the rules?: First of all, you will have to abide by whatever the month's requirement is for that entry. You will have to post at least one WIP and one finished photo of your mini to qualify. And it really is that simple.

Can anyone enter?: Of course you can! The more, the merrier.

How will I run the next one?: Well, we can't very well give every member mod status, so it will be a joint effort between myself, Woulfgar, and the previous month's winner. Once you have made your decision, you will pm Woulfgar or myself with the results. We will announce the winner in that month's topic and lock it just like we do the weekly painting pledge. In the same pm, you will also include your text for the upcoming month's theme, we will then copy and paste it into a new post for folks to enter. It will continue like this for the following months. While Woulfgar and I will retain mod rights to the threads, it will be up to the previous month's winner to monitor and respond to questions about your theme. Also, you will not be allowed to enter the month in which you are in charge of the theme.

Are there any prizes?: There will be no physical prizes execept your pride and ego boosted fro a job well done! However, there will be a ribbon assigned to the MoTM and you will have this added to your signature if you win for any month. Once you have won once, there will be no further ribbon attached if you win again. This is to keep the ribbon signature line from getting too large and as there are only 12 in a year (11 this year) that can be handed out, it just doesn't make sense to do mulitples.

So start getting that GS out and gather up your modelling materials as the first ever MGW MoTM will kick off February 1st. Woulfgar and I will be choosing the first theme and posting it on that date. Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing some great work from all of you. :twisted:
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