The Future of "Mini of the Month"

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The Future of "Mini of the Month"

Post by Epic Duck Mike » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:06 am

I've been talking with Dez about Mini of the Month, the lack of activity lately, and its future, and we've decided that we're going to roll it into the Painting Deathmatch.

If you're a MOTM Regular, not much will change except what part of the forum you find the threads on. We've had a lot of success and engagement from the Painting Deathmatch "Big Brawls", and MOTM is basically the same kind of event - right down to Dez and I scoring them almost identically.

Starting in July, we'll be renaming Painting Deathmatch to "Hobby Deathmatch", and MOTM will become the "Conversion Brawl" instead.

We'll also be adding a "Deathmatch WIPs" board that people can post their projects in for all forms of Deathmatch, which was lacking before.

In the end, we're hoping this will make MOTM more successful than it is right now - Painting Deahmatch has a decent following so this will expose MOTM to new people, and it'll be less administration time for us since it'll just be an offshoot of the core event.

If you've got any questions, suggestions or concerns, feel free to voice them below!
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