Advice wanted on Kitbash of Necromunda and Mordheim

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Advice wanted on Kitbash of Necromunda and Mordheim

Post by JmOz01 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:23 am

Worked up a rules modification for Mordheim based on the new Necromunda....Can someone review it and give some advice (I really believe in community editing...)

The goal of this project is to combine elements of the 2017 release of Necromunda with Mordheim. To use this document a familiarity with both games will be needed.
The basis of the game is Mordheim but with elements of Necromunda grafted:

What you will need (pg 5):
Add: 3x5 Cards for each hero and henchman group
Add to markers: markers can be placed on cards to prevent clutter. A new kind of marker is needed

Add to Characteristic Tests: A few attributes are written as #+, when taking a test with these skills you wish to roll above, not below the attribute

Turn (pg 8)
Remove this page, replace with page 45 of Necromunda Underhive. Remove all future references to phases. During the Priority Phase you can add the initiative of your highest leadership model (Your “Leader”) to the priority phase
Henchman groups are activated as a single character

Movement (pg 9-12)
The movement rules are written based on the phases, see the appendix for how various aspects are now Actions in the Action phase. As a general rule all modifiers are still in effect, but now occur when a character is activated (so a compulsory move happens when the fighter is activated, not at the start of the turn). Reference Index for interpose.

Shooting, Close Combat
Replace Closest shot and cover rules with Necromunda rules, replace character BS Score with the base to hit number from chart on page 14
Replace to wound chart with dice table from Necromunda.
Modify Knocked down as follows: When a character is knocked down they cannot move, except to make the crawl maneuver, furthermore they are -2 WS.
Replace Parry with the Parry rules from Necromunda

Leadership & Psychology
The rout test: Use the rules for bottle tests
Use Necromunda end phase, but the following changes: Bottle tests are called rout tests.
Do not use the recovery tests. All cool checks are based on leadership (calculate LD+ as 14 - Ld stat on original profile)
Leadership aura becomes 12” (any increases should be given a +6”). All heroes get an aura of 6”
All alone checks happen when a character is activated
Fear: Failed fear rolls cause a -2 WS instead of requiring a 6
Frenzied: Gives +1 attack, instead of doubling the attacks
Stupidity: A failed stupidity test causes the loss of one action

Crossbows require the reload action after every firing, this replaces move and shoot
Slings, Repeater Crossbow: Fire twice changes the action to Shoot (simple): Reload (1)
Thrown Weapon: Aim is a free action, replaces perfect balance
Blackpower Weapons: Require two reload actions to reload weapon. Reload must happen after every shot. A brace of pistols removes this limitation: Reload (2), Brace Reload (1)
Handguns & Long riffle have Reload (3): Requiring 3 reload actions to reload the weapon

Following actions from necromunda. Pinned is the same as knocked down, Serious injuries count as stunned
Move, shoot, aim, charge, Take cover, Coup de grace, Fight, retreat
Clear Head (double): Recover from Stunned
Hide (Standard) per the rules in mordheim, a fighter may shoot prior to hiding, but once hidden cannot take any other action.
Cast (Standard): Wizards only, may cast a spell per the rules in Mordheim


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