League of Adventurers for Pulp Alley

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League of Adventurers for Pulp Alley

Post by DavyJones » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:32 am

Finally, I finished my first league for Pulp Alley. Say hello to the League of Adventurers.

Image Image Image Image Image

Sorry for the big pics, unfortunately I am not smart enough to size the image links down. :oops:

For creating the character cards I used Geckos.

For more pictures please visit my blog: http://glueanddice.com/league-of-advent ... ulp-alley/

I really like the rules and the way Pulp Alley plays. This won't be my last league. Actually, I am planning to create a fantasy campaign using PA.
Feel free to visit my blog: http://www.glueanddice.com


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