Noble Armada New Edition Pre-Order

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Noble Armada New Edition Pre-Order

Post by Bogie » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:08 am

For anyone looking to blow up spaceships, there is a new version of Noble Armada in the works. The book is almost done and we are doing pre-orders which gives access to the beta PDF (full rules, just adding pictures and art) which will be updated weekly as it progresses.

If you already have Noble Armada miniatures from previous editions of the game we have the molds and are producing the same miniatures so you can keep on using the ones that you already have.

More information on the FASA Games, Inc. website but feel free to ask me questions here as well. Full disclosure: I work for the company and am one of the writers and developers.

Todd Bogenrief -
Director, FASA Games, Inc.
Noble Armada Line Developer


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