The Sea! What good games are there?

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The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by Chugosh » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:42 am

A much smaller scale than the typical 28mm-32mm game on most of these discussions, the sea calls for battles and so forth to be played thereon.

There are a lot of games just recently with the steam-punk theme in mind, but few seem to have caught on the way Dystopian Wars has. Still I have not played the game, nor have I played any of the others I have heard so much good stuff about. What I have played, back in the day, is Ironclads and Ether Flyers, a fun game related to Chadwick's Space 1889. It was an awfully fun game, even without the flyers.

So the question for the forum is what games have you enjoyed of the naval battle kind? I guess I would include space games, such as Firestorm Armada, which I have also played a couple games of, and A Call to Arms, which I have not.

Also, why no love for the future sea battle? I know there are some great modern naval simulations and games, but what about the seas of the near or even far future? How about a post apocalyptic seas game, in no way based on the movie that just popped into your head? Or the game of ships on the seas of distant worlds? Not everything can be nuked from orbit if you want to keep anything.

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Re: The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by Fireman Tim » Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:41 am

I love Uncharted Seas which is the fantasy varient of DS. I hear the new Star Fleet Battles revision is fantastic.

I like your idea for a post-apoc sea game. My thoughts instantly go to Water World. Jet skis and small water craft fighting each other. A kind of Necromunda type game involving gang skirmishes and I think there is a limited market for such a concept as long as the rules were fun and not too complex.


For those who love 40k, a Gorka Morka varient would work.

If you want something modern, perhaps a Somolia type pirate battle or south China seas.
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Re: The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by coldsteel » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:07 pm

Crucifiers (SM codex) (11881/703 PL)
Orks (3745/255 PL)
Astra Militarum (####/378 PL)
Fallen Crucifiers (CSM codex) (####/351 PL)
Khornate Daemons (####/65 PL)
Death Guard (2387/128 PL)
Primaris Marines (1099/60 PL)

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Re: The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by Badger » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:27 pm

Uncharted Seas is pretty rad. The rules are simple but effective.
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Re: The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by Bronzeback40 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:34 pm

There was an old-school naval simulation game a local grognard brought out; we got into it, but he had to focus more on his RPG, so that was the end of that. I remember we were running 5v5 games, most of us running 1 ship.

The mechanics were something like this:
1. Planning phase, where you'd mark out every manuever
2. Communication phase; to simulate old-school flags communications, you were limited to three words
3. the "activation phase", where everyone moved their ships, one move at a time
4. "combat phase", where shooting, boarding actions, etc took place.

I remember one game where I was leading a French fleet vs an English fleet. By this time I was playing my third or fourth game and had a good feel for maneuvering so I made a perfect move with a full broadside at very close range against the English flagship's aft... brutal. I landed a serious crit which blew their magazine and blew the hell out of it.

Pretty good times, but worked much better with a large group of people, as it kept all captains guessing as to what the enemy fleet was doing as well as friendly ships. i apologize for not being able to think of the name at the moment. A quick search didn't help. Your best bet is to ask any historical wargamers about it if you have any in the area.

I found this game in particular to be a blast because of the need to be able to predict the best course of action.

On a separate note, I watched a game of Dystopian wars and it looks pretty intuitive and more importantly, fun, at least the naval/air aspects of it. After a quick discussion and some glossing over of the rulebook, I'm kind of tossing up between a French or Russian fleet, although i am debating on holding out to read the full rules on the Italian fleet. Yes, it's not quite "old-school" but the core mechanics do capture some of that, even if Tesla Coil bombers seem too cool to be cool.
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Re: The Sea! What good games are there?

Post by Flindo » Wed May 01, 2013 12:33 pm

Dystopian wars is pretty good if you dot mind steam punk.
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