Commander Saron's Return (Re-Posted)

This part of the forum is for those who don't wish to game in the current/past weeks' events. Future or off the current time-line scenarios, batreps, and the kitchen sink all go in here.
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This part of the forum is for those who don't wish to game in the current/past weeks' events. Future or off the current time-line scenarios, batreps, and the kitchen sink all go in here.
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Commander Saron's Return (Re-Posted)

Post by Zallen » Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:21 pm

Well, Here is the Mission. AND, I will post this of the 40k Forum too.

Commander Saron’s Return
(Do Not Delete)

Commander Saron, Before, Saron had only the title of an Inspiring Champion. But Times had Past, and The Grey Wolves had fallen to Chaos for survival. Saron, as only the inspiring champion at that time, was Chosen to become the Grey Wolves Chaos Lord. Once an Inspiring Champion, but out rose the Deadly Chaos Lord, feared in the Karuva system. From the Icy & Dark Lands of the Planet, Karuva IV, He would begin his conquest, and crush the False Emperor under his Boot. If Saron Cannot be stopped then, The Hope of the Imperium is finished.


Chaos Player: 650pts of Chaos. And 350 Points of Commander Saron and Reuntine.

Imperial Guard Player: 1000pts of Imperial Guard. No Heavy Support and HQ Choices may be chosen for this army.

Game Board:

Either 4x4, or 4x6.
I would suggest using an Icy, Wasteland, or City Fight Terrain/Board.

Roll a D6 for Starting position:

1-3: Corners
4-6: Dawn of War

The Chaos Player goes first.

Special Rules for Saron:

Inspiring Presence:
Since Commander Saron was Hand Chosen By Khorne himself, all Chaos Marines within 6 inches of Saron Gains +1 to WS, +1 I, +1 Ld, and +1 A.

Gauntlet of Blood:
As a gift from Khorne, Saron’s own Power fist was given essence of the BloodThirster. For this, Saron’s Power Fist has all the abilities of a Khorne Daemon Weapon and Power Fist.

Bodyguard Reuntine:
In all Games, Saron is always accompanied by his Bodyguards. Mostly known together as the Blood Guards, they follow the below stats and may be split into another Squad. The Bodyguards Also have a 5+ Invulnerable Save.

5 5 5 5 1 6 2 10 3+

Squad Size: 3-5
WarGear: Frag. Grenades; Krak Grenades; Bolter; Chain Weapon; Bolt Pistol;

The Squad May include another Squad member for 20pts.


This shows the following WarGear Saron has. Use the Stats of a Chaos Lord.

Wargear: Bolt Pistol; Gauntlet of Blood; Bodyguard Reuntine; Inspiring Presence; Eternal Warrior; Furious Charge; Counter-Attack;

The Objectives in the game is chosen through a D6. Under is a chart of which missions.

1-2: The Chaos Player Gains a Sorcerer for free with a Bolt Pistol and a Force Weapon. The Sorcerer may not take any Psychic powers. The Sorcerer must possess at least 4 Squads of Imperial Guard. The Sorcerer may possess a Squad if he is within 8 Inches to it. The Imperial Guard player must at least kill 350pts of Chaos and the Sorcerer.

3-4: The Chaos Player must Eliminate all Imperial Guard. While The Imperial Guard Player must kill Saron and his Reuntine.

5-6: Saron has been injured in Battle! The Chaos player starts of with 500pts of Chaos to show losses of battle.
Saron must get to a certain objective point while the Imperial Guard Player must Eliminate Saron and his Reuntine.

Written by: Zallen

Happy guys?
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Re: Commander Saron's Return (Re-Posted)

Post by grotkilla » Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:46 pm

I'm happy, thanks for the repost. :roll:

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Re: Commander Saron's Return (Re-Posted)

Post by WaaaghMyRide » Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:57 pm

Well it looks pretty good.
The only thing I think is a little sad is that the I G isn't allowed to have Heavy Support (as long as you're allied with them they are really handy for the purpos of making it rain green parts from orks).

Otherwise - good one!
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