766.M41 Mission

This part of the forum is for those who don't wish to game in the current/past weeks' events. Future or off the current time-line scenarios, batreps, and the kitchen sink all go in here.
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This part of the forum is for those who don't wish to game in the current/past weeks' events. Future or off the current time-line scenarios, batreps, and the kitchen sink all go in here.
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766.M41 Mission

Post by Scarth » Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:03 pm

Several Imperial Listening posts in the Catachan and Ryza Systems are attacked by Eldar Pirates under the Command of Prince Yriel!

To Play this Scenario you will need:

*5 Bunkers, Each with a Mounted Heavy Bolter, Lascannon or Multi Laser. (Twin Linked One for the Designated Command Post)

*1000 Points of Catachans or Cadians. Note that the Mechanized and Drop Troops doctrines may not be taken.

*750 Points of Eldar and Prince Yriel

*Special Characters may not be chosen by either side.

Rules and Setup:

Use a 6x4 Table for this.

*The Imperial Guard Player May Place the 5 Bunkers anywhere on one side of the Table. (2x6) (Armour 11(Or Armour 14 for the Command Post)) (Transport Capicity of 175 Points - 225 Points (200 Recommended)) (All Models Must Start in the Bunkers, Except Vehicles, who Start within 6 Inches of Each Bunker)

*He/She may then place jungle terrain no closer than 6 Inches between each terrain feature (Including Bunkers)

To Win, the Eldar Player Must destroy the Opposing Army or destroy the Hq Choices of the Foe, which MUST be garrisoned inside the command Bunker.

To Win, the Imperial Player must slay Yriel, hold out until the game ends or destory the opposing army.

Special Rules:

Close Reinforcements:

Due to a larger Imperial Base close by, the Guardsmen have a large advantage.
After a unit is destroyed, on the next Imperial Players Turn roll a Dice.
On a 4+ The Unit Arrives from reserves as normal, moving on to the table as normal. Note that the only vehicle that can use this is the Sentanil.

The winner of this Game Gains Control of the Catachan and Ryza Systems!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Allies May not be Used. Sorry! :)

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Re: 766.M41 Mission

Post by grotkilla » Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:06 pm

Is this for Week 4?

Nice scenario, btw.


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Re: 766.M41 Mission

Post by Joe » Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:10 am

I like the scenario, although I think it is a little favoured on the Imperial Guard side.

They are basically getting 5 Razor Backs for free (yeah I know they are immobile, not twinlinked, but more capacity) and they have the easier mission of surviving.

Only things I can really recommend are giving the Eldar a few more points (maybe 850 + Yriel) or giving Eldar first turn (initiative can still be stolen on a 6).

Also, I would like a little more clarification on the deployment. Is it 12" along the long side or is the whole Eldar Army coming in from reserve?

I think it would fit the style of play if the Imperial player could set up on the whole board, and the Eldar player either deepstrikes or comes in from a random board edge (scatter die).

Just some suggestions. But it looks like I will be buying Yriel now ;) I want to play this mission.

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