Year of Ending Contest:Chaos Space Marines Special Character

This is for projects related to the Year of Ending. Place your special projects, characters, and minis here!
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This is for projects related to the Year of Ending. Place your special projects, characters, and minis here!
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Year of Ending Contest:Chaos Space Marines Special Character

Post by grotkilla » Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:53 pm

This thread is for the vehicle/model contest entry of the army listed in the thread’s title. This thread is to contain only models and rules for using the models as those listed in the title.


You may enter one model/vehicle for this category, and it must include play ready stats. In other words, have a finished model (no WIPs) and rules ready to hit the tabletop. We will vote for the models at a future time.

Do not discuss any of the models/vehicles in this thread. Start another thread for the model/vehicle in Randomness or Paint/Model/Terrain.

You may enter the same type of model in another category (for example, one Special Character in Daemons, another Special Character in Space Marines, etc.), but never the same model under a different name for another army.

Do not post directions for making your model in this thread. Post directions in Paint/Model/Terrain.

The model/ vehicle does not have to be painted.

No begging for votes. That’s just crass. And lame. And other things could be said, but this is a family site.

Categories with a large number of entries may have a series of polls to whittle down the top contestants.

If you violate any of “DA RULZ,” you may have your entry disqualified from winning.

Datz all for DA RULZ….

THIS IS NOT A POLL THREAD. People will be directed to this thread to see the entries when the actual polls open sometime in late April or early May.

Don’t whine if you aren’t chosen, all of this is through a democratic process meant to be FUN.

All model threads will be locked before voting begins to avoid confusion. I will post a date in the near future, probably the day before polls go up so everyone has a chance to see all the ridiculously awesome models.

If you win, your model will be featured in the Year of Ending Worldwide Campaign to be launched in the Summer of 2009. IT WILL BE CONSIDERED “OFFICIAL” FOR WHOMEVER CHOOSES TO PARTICIPATE.

Please post any questions, comments, complaints, or observations in Randomness.

Vote for what you want to see on the tabletop, and GAME ON!



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Character Entry: Cerberus

Post by grotkilla » Mon May 04, 2009 11:52 pm


Cerberus: Slayer of the Living, Defiler of the Dead

Cerberus is a sad tale in the sordid history of the Horus Heresy. The truth has long been buried by the Inquisition, which cast this former Loyalist as having taken up arms against the Imperium. In reality, Cerberus demanded that Horus not use Exterminatus on Istavaan III. Horus stated that Cerberus had misplaced his agendas, and should be wary. Cerberus had his eyes opened and he saw the true nature of Horus. Cerberus excused himself, and left the Command Ship without further word.

Upon realizing some of his Adeptus Astartes comrades were on the ground, he contacted some in secret, thus sparing them the initial bombardment. Cerberus was plotting his next move with what few remaining Loyalists were in the fleet of Horus, when the Warmaster’s forces descended on Istavaan III. The ruin that fell on the survivors of the initial orbital bombardment is recorded elsewhere.

Alas for Cerberus, his last known location was with Horus, and the Inquisition promptly labeled him Traitoris Extremis. As the Horus Heresy raged on, Cerberus escaped both factions to clear his head of lingering doubts about both sides. Despite repeated attempts to change the decision of the Inquisition, Cerberus remained an enemy of the Imperium. Several courageous acts were attempted to show his loyalty, but Terra would hear of none of them.

His loyalty to both sides gone, Cerberus acted swiftly, gathering as many like minded Space Marines to him as possible. He quickly formed a new faction, which took from both sides during the time of the Horus Heresy. After the death of Horus, Cerberus tried one last time to regain his Loyalist status, but was again rebuffed. From that point on, Cerberus swore allegiance to himself first, and the Ruinous Powers second.

He quickly gained a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, demanding absolute loyalty from his comrades. As a military commander, he demanded all be brutal in combat, and just as quick to desist should they win. It is rumored that he slew an entire Imperial Guard regiment in less than a minute, but, on the other hand, that he spared an entire world for simply looking the other way when his fleet passed by unengaged (it is also told he defended that world when the Inquisition attempted to punish the planet for it’s transgression).

Cerberus gained his title partly from the brutal hand to hand combat he relishes, and partly from his penchant for disfiguring the corpses of those who have stood against him, and lost. Once, it is told, an unnamed Chaos Marine was attempting to force himself upon a young girl when Cerberus passed them. The Marine was told to stand down by Cerberus, and, when the Marine failed to do so, Cerberus slew the man before he could even draw his weapon. After decapitating the sundered body, Cerberus had the naked, headless corpse impaled and placed on the deck of his ship. The head was sent to the girl after being covered in gold, it’s mouth open in a lifeless scream for all eternity.

In the time since the Heresy, Cerberus has built an impressive force which works with any given Chaos Power in exchange for weapons, goods, or services. He has even been spotted working with Abaddon, although this is in question due to his behaviour at Istavaan III. Cerberus favors close quarters fighting, but views ranged support as a necessity. Therefore while he favors overwhelming troop numbers, his forces are usually a good mix of infantry and armour, depending on the circumstances.

Cerberus remains loyal to whomever he is fighting alongside, for however long that may last. Cerberus is a loner, but has a few close fellow Marines which may appear with him as a sort of bodyguard.

Cerberus Cost: 270 points
WS: 7 BS: 5 S: 5 T: 5 W: 4 I: 6 A: 4* LD: 10 SV: 3+/5+

Unit Type: Infantry
Number/squad: 1

Wargear: Cerberus is equipped with Forgeworld Class Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Personal Icon, and the Twin Daemon Scythes Remus and Romulus. Cerberus may have a Bodyguard as well, at the normal additional points cost, see heading below.

Special Rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Stubborn, Feel No Pain.

Forgeworld Class Armour: a special armour which ended production during the Horus Heresy, very few full suits are now in existence. Cerberus “received” his suit from the petty tyrant ruler of a Death World who lost a one-on-one combat with him. Ten millennia now in age, the remaining Forgeworld Class Armours were intended to withstand incredible blows and impacts from both grueling hand-to-hand, and ranged attacks from those too cowardly to face the bearer of such armour. The armour is as tough as Terminator Armour, but half the weight and bulk. The fact some are still being worn is a testimony to the mastery of their original forgers. This armour modifies Toughness +1, Armour Save +1, and grants the bearer a 5+ Invulnerable Save (all of which are in the profile).

The Bound Twins: Cerberus wields two enormous scythes, each containing a bound Daemon. One is named Romulus, and the other is named Remus. Cerberus tricked the two Greater Daemons into a pact which enabled him to enslave them both in the form of the weapons he now wields to brutal affect on the battlefield. Cerberus has mastered the unbelievable art of wielding both of these Daemonic Weapons at once, something no one else has been able to accomplish. These two weapons boost both his Weapon Skill, and his Strength (benefits are included in his profile). Against vehicles Romulus and Remus grant Cerberus +2D6 on armour penetration rolls.
*Cerberus gains +2D6 Attacks from the combination of both Daemon Weapons.

The Bodyguard of Cerberus:

Each of the Chaos Space Marines following Cerberus into combat is equipped the same. Each has replaced their former standard bolt pistols and chainswords for plasma pistols and a power weapon. They are there only to protect and fight alongside Cerberus, and all exceed those expectations. Most often, they are the best of the best, close combat specialists from any number of Chaos Marine Legions.

Chaos Space Marine Bodyguard Cost: 45 points each

Bodyguard Chaos Space Marine 45 Pts/Model WS:4 BS: 4 S:4 T: 4 W: 1 I: 4 A: 2 LD: 10 SV: 3+

Unit Type: Infantry
Number/squad: 5-10

-Power Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Power Weapon.

-If the squad numbers 5 to 9 models, one Bodyguard may replace his plasma pistol from the following list: Missile Launcher /Autocannon/Heavy bolter/ Plasma gun/ Meltagun/ Flamer for no cost, Lascannon for 5 pts. If the squad numbers 10 models, two models may replace their plasma pistols from the above list.

-The squad stands as equals, and will never have an Aspiring Champion.

-The Bodyguard may have a dedicated Chaos Rhino transport. If ten models are in the squad and Cerberus is part of the squad (total of 11 models), they may have a dedicated Chaos Landraider as a transport. See Codex: Chaos Space Marines for rules and points cost.


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