Year of Ending Contest: Space Marine Vehicle

This is for projects related to the Year of Ending. Place your special projects, characters, and minis here!
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This is for projects related to the Year of Ending. Place your special projects, characters, and minis here!
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Year of Ending Contest: Space Marine Vehicle

Post by grotkilla » Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:48 pm

This thread is for the vehicle/model contest entry of the army listed in the thread’s title. This thread is to contain only models and rules for using the models as those listed in the title.


You may enter one model/vehicle for this category, and it must include play ready stats. In other words, have a finished model (no WIPs) and rules ready to hit the tabletop. We will vote for the models at a future time.

Do not discuss any of the models/vehicles in this thread. Start another thread for the model/vehicle in Randomness or Paint/Model/Terrain.

You may enter the same type of model in another category (for example, one Special Character in Daemons, another Special Character in Space Marines, etc.), but never the same model under a different name for another army.

Do not post directions for making your model in this thread. Post directions in Paint/Model/Terrain.

The model/ vehicle does not have to be painted.

No begging for votes. That’s just crass. And lame. And other things could be said, but this is a family site.

Categories with a large number of entries may have a series of polls to whittle down the top contestants.

If you violate any of “DA RULZ,” you may have your entry disqualified from winning.

Datz all for DA RULZ….

THIS IS NOT A POLL THREAD. People will be directed to this thread to see the entries when the actual polls open sometime in late April or early May.

Don’t whine if you aren’t chosen, all of this is through a democratic process meant to be FUN.

All model threads will be locked before voting begins to avoid confusion. I will post a date in the near future, probably the day before polls go up so everyone has a chance to see all the ridiculously awesome models.

If you win, your model will be featured in the Year of Ending Worldwide Campaign to be launched in the Summer of 2009. IT WILL BE CONSIDERED “OFFICIAL” FOR WHOMEVER CHOOSES TO PARTICIPATE.

Please post any questions, comments, complaints, or observations in Randomness.

Vote for what you want to see on the tabletop, and GAME ON!




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