The Pure Father

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This is for projects related to the Year of Ending. Place your special projects, characters, and minis here!

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The Pure Father

Post by Magus of All » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:11 pm

Bow before the greatness that is The Pure Father!!!! er if there was a picture of him here...That will be solved and THEN you will bow before him.
The Pure Father is a genestealer Patriarch centuries old. He was one of the first genestealers sent by the hive mind. When the Blood Angels boarded the original space hulk, the Pure Father (being the clever beast he is) slipped on to one of the chapters ships and proceeded to steal a thunderhawk. Now seeing as his claws made it difficult to work the controls, he stole a few pilot serfs as well. Thus began the Creation of the Star Children. The Pure Father spent a long time away from the Tyranid Hive Mind and as a repercussion he and His Children are almost entirely separate from the rest of the Hive. The only Fleet He is known to work with is a splinter of Leviathan known as Charybdis. When the Hive reacquired Him, The Pure Father was in control of a small star system and was in a fierce war with the Imperial Guard. The beleaguered fleet was in grave need of the biomass The Kingdom of the Righteous had to offer. Now The Pure Father goes ahead of the fleet (never assimilated) Spreading Its influence far and wide. Charybdis favor strange tactics allowing the genestealers years to infiltrate taking its sweet time moving from system to system drawing as little attention as possible. Charybdis' troops are almost entirely genestealers. One of The Pure Father's Greatest achievement is the control of House Beonifal, a powerful merchant orginization allowing the genestealers easy access to ships, allowing them to spread to hundreds of systems.
He Who Sired The Stars stats are:150pts WS6 BS3 S5 T6 W3 I7 A3+1 Ld10 Sv3+
Special Rules:
Warp Blast see codex
Psychic Delve: counts as having feeder tendrils
Come My Children! your army may include two Brood comrade (conscripts with synapse)squads at the cost of conscripts in the guard codex as a single troop choice.
Brood of 5-11 Genestealers with implant and extended carapace see codex for points
Everything else is the same as Broodlord in codex.
see signature for more info.
Tyranids:Hive Fleet Charon-2500
slinking through space devouring one colony at a time

Imperial Guard: 412th Battle Braziers-2000
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