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"The Year of Ending" is an unofficial, player-driven, worldwide campaign. It follows the timeline found in the main 40K Rulebook (pp.126-129). Each week battles will rage across the galaxy in different locations. Find new friends, set up battles, and play 40K all year in this, the first year of the "Year of Ending!" Players are encouraged to set up events, post pics, tell stories, and generally expand on their 40K games. Let everyone you know about this event and direct them here, to

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:03 pm 
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Hey, and welcome to the Year of Ending! What follows is some brief background on the “Time of Ending,” and how to use the forum in this area, as well as all other areas of the Year of Ending forum. Make sure to be familiar with the Miniwargaming forum rules, as those apply here as well. Here's a brief tutorial style video: that covers the most important aspects of the following post.

This is a worldwide, player-driven, year-long series of battles (hence “Year of Ending”) taking place in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. This is not official GW produced material, so the only thing you can win is more games! Because these are “historical” conflicts, the final outcome has already been set within the structure of the existing 40K story arc. I have used the word “campaign” in the past, and that might have implied there was a way to alter the existing 40K story. This was not accurate, and I’m sorry for any confusion.

You will need to reference the hardcover 40K rulebook, pp. 126-129. These dates, given in Imperial time, mark the course of the year for us as well. You will find there are 52 individual time-line events, which is perfect for us players, as there are 52 weeks in a year! To find out what real-time week any Imperial date falls into, count from the first entry 744.M41. When you stop on the Imperial date you want, that will be the number of the real time week. For example 822.M41 is Week 9, etc.

I realize some of you guys ’n’ gals are history buffs, and may be familiar with events occurring in the 40K mythos that happen at times other then those listed in the rulebook timeline. If you want to play games based around these events, that’s awesome (the point of all this is to game, game, and game some more!), please post them as close to the nearest Imperial date that makes sense.

These given Imperial dates will run concurrent with our real-time weeks of the year, giving us a resulting year of tabletop conflict. For example, Week 1 is the first date 744.M41. This will start on January 1, 2009 (12:00am), and end on January 7, 2009 (11:59pm). Week 2 is the date 745.M41 and runs from January 8, 2009 (12:00am), until January 14, 2009 (11:59pm). The year continues thus and one can look ahead to see what is coming up next. The Year of Ending 2009 will end on December 30, 2009 at 11:59pm. The gaming date will be Week 52/995999.M41.

On January 1, 2009, I will -said in deep, serious voice- “officially” kick things off at midnight. That’s right, if you stay up to welcome in the New Year, you’ll be the first to read all that 40K goodness. I will post under “The Story Thus Far…,” and this will mark the start of the real-time year of gaming. There will also be videos on my youtube channel: . These posts should occur, more or less, simultaneously, and the Year of Ending begins with these posts. Each week I will post the current week and Imperial date, although probably not at midnight! Certainly by the following morning, which will always be Thursday, the material will be posted. I will also have a special set of posts both here and on youtube to mark the end of the Year of Ending.

The first thing when posting in the forum is the subject line. Please be as descriptive as possible, and include the real-time date (Week #), and the Imperial date time (###.M41). This will let folks know exactly when your information takes place, and will save those players who just want to be in the current week from feeling their time has been wasted. For example, when planning ahead, you find on Week 3 there’s a zombie plague outbreak. You’re a big Lost and the Damned fan, and want to play some scenario you have concocted in the lab with a pen and a pad (sorry, bad Dr. Dre joke). When posting your ridiculously awesome scenario, the subject line of your post should look something like this: Week 3/757.M41/ Zombie Scenario idea. It doesn’t have to be that stale, I know you’ll have better ideas, what’s important is the real-time and Imperial time date markers. This way, players can post in advance, without disrupting the current time frame in which people are gaming. Anything you want to post in advance should be in the “Off-Time” section.

Some players may not want to game in the current week, but may instead want to run games further in the Imperial year, or only play one or two dates a bit further in to the Time of Ending. Please hold off on posting this material in “The Story Thus Far…” unless a week has already been played. If you’re chomping at the bit to post batreps or scenario ideas for upcoming weeks, please post them under the “Off-Time” section.

Once I’ve posted the current real-time week thread (with Imperial date code as well), feel free to post any game-related material such as stories, batreps, scenarios, etc., everything for the week we’re all in at the moment…

The Model/Paint/Terrain thread is open to posting at any time, for any week, just mark your thread with specific dates (if applicable). For example, Week 1/744.M41/Incinerator Model. There’s always time to see armies, tables, and get inspirational ideas. If you’re showing off your army for the year, or just want people to see the table you just took 6 months building, dates aren’t necessary. Posting special terrain and modeling projects ahead of time is a good thing, as many players may have jobs or family obligations which limit their time.

Sorry this is a bit long to read, and sorry for covering anything twice. Getting everyone on the same page can sometimes feel tedious, thank you for being patient as everything falls into place.

For those who have already posted, thank you for participating! Some new divisions where your posts will fit better may be forth coming, in which case you may find some current threads moved for the sake of organization. Thank you in advance for being understanding on this matter.

I'm really looking forward to meeting players and getting my game on, all year! Waaagh!!


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