My Second game

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My Second game

Post by DavicusPrime » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:11 pm

Well, I got me some more critters and expossed another friend to the game.

I got me a Deimios-9 but only 4 MM units (2 Vanguard, 1 Elite Vanguard, 1 Hunter). To pad the numbers I took all my Shadow Sun units (4 S-Types, 1 Elite S-Type, 1 Interceptor and 1 Sun Fighter), and a few Planet Eater Units (2 Crawlers and 2 Belchers).

My Noobie opponent (code name: Todd) was given my spiffy Guard list plus Terrasaur units: Defender X, 4 G-Tanks, 1 Elite G-Tank, 1 Rocket Chopper, 1 Elite Rocket chopper and my coveted 1 Repair Vehicle. Plus 3 Carnidons, 1 Elite Carnidon, 1 Raptix, 1 Elite Raptix and 1 Brontox.

This was my first time using anything other than the Defender X so this was going to be a learning experience for both Todd and I.

Todd picked up the game pretty quick, and I learned fast that having a non-jumping/flying monster makes getting around a lot more difficult. The lack of MM units on my part was a bad thing. But those Vanguard are tough little boogers with all those B-Dice they can toss out there.

I started out pretty well. But that little repair vehicle made life difficult for an already difficult match up. The Deimos-9, if you all didn't know, is a ground based brawler with meager speed and only 5 hit points in both forms. The only way for me to heal is to eat nuke plants which I only have one of, and vs. the Defender and his repair vehicle, you can't really just quit the fight and run back to grab a bite to eat, because by the time you're back to fighting he'll have restored all the damage you inflicted.

The other problem is that as the Deimos needs to brawl or power attack to do the damage, it leaves itself open to counter attack and since most monsters can take more damage than the Deimos that puts it at a heavy disadvantage.

In the end I lost but not before taking out the Defender's Alpha form. So I wasn't skunked. :)

Things I need to learn:
Power Dice denial. To that end I have to keep the defender from holding buildings. Blasting and brawling buildings while keeping clear of the enemy monster is going to have to become a staple of the Deimos's strategy.

Screening! The Deimos cannot take damage well. It's only got a 6 Defense and 5 HP, this makes multiple hit power attacks extremely easy and dangerous. the only way to stop this from happening is to keep my units around me to keep the enemy monster from easily getting aligned.

Map control. I need to use my power attacks to keep the enemy monster away from thier side of the board. I think that if I can keep the enemy monster away from their spawning zones and sniping his repair units with the hunter, before they can get adjacent would save me the frustration of seeing my handywork negated.

I'm really liking this game.

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