Has anyone looked into World of Warcraft Minatures?

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Has anyone looked into World of Warcraft Minatures?

Post by Eric.West » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:10 am

So out of curiosity I started to look into the game that was made after Wow. From what I read and hear, the rules and game mechanics are actually pretty impressive. Theres spells and abilities such as polymorph, turning one of your opponents units into a sheep for a few turns. Or some warriors have the taunt ability, meaning if their in base to base with an enemy, the enemy must attack them rather then maybe a less armored unit that he would rather attack. Theres tons more but obviously cant all be listed here.

One major thing I've heard as a disadvantage is the mini's aren't painted well, but us wargamers can obviously solve that. Also It wasn't advertised very well to people outside the wow community, which is a shame.

But all in all...with 40k, Fantasy, & Monsterpocalypse on our plates I don't think theres any room at all for another gaming system..just yet anyway

I also seen that privateer press makes a few other miniature games, their advertised in the back of our Monsterpocalypse rulebooks, they look pretty neat.

O and don't forget...I chomp NY is on its way :shock:
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Re: Has anyone looked into World of Warcraft Minatures?

Post by Machinehead » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:17 am

BY heard, you mean what I told you while we were playing? lol

I'm actually surprised, I heard about Monsterpocalypse and WoW at the same time and honestly expected WoW to have the advantage.

The system is based off a "clock" system, where every move you do adds "ticks" to your figures clock and when the game clock and your figure's clock match it gets a turn. Pretty neat sounding, but I havn't seen it in action yet.

And yes, the paint jobs are horrible. At 60mm scale you'd think I could get a little more definition than pale blob for a face.

I have a few other problems with the game, maybe once i actually play it i'll write a review or something

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Re: Has anyone looked into World of Warcraft Minatures?

Post by Solid_Smurf » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:44 pm

I haven't played the game but I've seen the minis. Not only are they badly painted. (one warrior/paladin had a bad case of the caffeine eye) but also its a cheep plastic. It seems to warp and bend easily. Thats no bueno.
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