Played my first few games - Monsterpocalypse Review

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Played my first few games - Monsterpocalypse Review

Post by Eric.West » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:35 am

So last Saturday I wasn't able to find a match for 40k, but luckily it doesn't take up much space to carry my monsterpocalypse army as well and I had that with me.

Thanks to Fireman Tims xray vision, (hmm I wonder if he has telepathy as well... :shock: ) I was able to pick up Armodax as my monster.

My first game was vs Justins C'thul. Due to my lack of experience, he was able to do a massive amount of damage with his blast attack followed up by fling(allows him to do a second shot with the same dice used in the first if it hits) before I could get to him. I placed my units in bad positions to block off Armodaxs path and actually hinder him. But once he did get aligned with the big nasty tenticald beast, he smashed him up real good. To what I think caused him to back away in fear trying to build some distance between himself and the pumped up Armodax.

This caused him to tred onto myside of the city, which left him alone, unsupported and left to get mauled. Once he went to ultra tenticle form, he caused terror, making any of my current units useless, being they only can do brawl attacks, and terror doesn't allow them to get into base to base. This left the job of killing the Alpha form to Armodax while my units held his units at bay not allowing them to come to the aid of their monster. Armodax stomped with glee in response to his first victory.

Not wanting to spoil Armodaxs bloodthirst, we marched onward to a small city that was being invaded by none other but Ryans Planet Eaters.

This game started out very quick, with his...Giant Crab catching Armodax offguard and in a bad position, threw right into my own Carnidon, crushing it to bits, and then continuing into a highrise apartment building. Causing 3 pts of dmg total, 1 for the throw, 1 for the building, 1 for the fire. Ouch. After a hit like that, and my opponent unscathed, Armodax went into a defensive position. Using my brontox to fortify a midfeild power node, and pump out units, as well as provide extra damage dice. Combined with Armodaxs shelter ability, his huge body provides cover for my units, I created a stronghold.

After beating his crab down with some combined unit attacks, Armodax was ready to get some stompin' in. Seeing the opportunity to take the game, he stepped into a huge pile of flaming ruble in order to get the prime position on this monstrous crab. Smashing him through units and a building, he dished out 4 damage in one blow. 2 for the smash (armodax's smashes are super damage), and 2 more for the building and its fire. The crab didn't get back up after that one.

All in all I had a whole lot of fun with this first experience, and highly underestimated how complex the rules for this game actually are, I think alot of people are going to underestimate this and take it for a simple toned down game, which it is far from.

I can't wait for Terra Khan to come in the mail :twisted: He looks like loads of fun...err..destruction.
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Re: Played my first few games - Monsterpocalypse Review

Post by Joe » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:51 pm

I am completely jealous. Seriously I am!
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Re: Played my first few games - Monsterpocalypse Review

Post by Solid_Smurf » Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:34 pm

Fun game ain't it!
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Re: Played my first few games - Monsterpocalypse Review

Post by Jombo » Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:40 pm

Sounds like a fun game. I might have to buy a starter set and try to get some friends to do the same! :D
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