Dec 12th - Martians vs Cthul

Reach out and Crush someone! Monsterpocalypse has arrived. Discuss it here!
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Dec 12th - Martians vs Cthul

Post by Epic Duck Mike » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:06 am

The club was pretty much empty tonight, so Justin and I managed to fit in 2 games of Monsterpocalypse.

Justin and I are doing pretty well so far building our Cthul and Martian forces respectively, with most of his additonal force being Terrasaur, and mine being Planet Eaters.

The first game ran about 90 minutes, and for the longest time was anybody's game - we were trading blows pretty equally, and had some effective Combined Attacks with Units as well. When the Ares Mothership went Hyper, I thought I had the game in the bag - the Ares has an ability that prevents Adjacent Monsters from making Power Attacks. Justin landed a few good hits though, nearly killing me. I made a run for the Nuclear Reactor, brawled it, and gained back 1HP on the Ares - and was promptly shot by Justin's Units, and Brawled by his Monster. It was actually a pretty anticlimatic ending :P

The second game was definitely more interesting, with lots of Unit Casualties and plenty of Power Attacks. Justin had completely wiped out my Alpha form and forced my Hyper to spawn before I had even landed a single hit on his Monster, and I was sure he had won - but a few lucky shots from my Monster, and some Combined Firing with my Elite Hunter and Vanguard Squad evened things up. The game ended fairly quickly after that, with a devastating Throw hurling the Cthul 6 spaces and crashing into a building, which then caught fire. I chased after him, and repeated the attack, hurling him into another building and finishing him off.

As it stands, we're tied 1 for 1 - and have a rematch Saturday at 2 ;)
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