qeustions on rules

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qeustions on rules

Post by layzer » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:12 pm

:?: First question: The fight value? what does it do? when you charge you work out the fight by picking the highest dice then you hit for damage but thats useing strength. What does fight do IN a fight? or is it just a random number? :(

Questions 2: My balrog has a defense of 9 and on the wound chart it has a 6/4 on it for an archer bow. What does that mean the archer has to role to hit it?

Thanks!! :D

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by francisco » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:10 am

The fight value is the 1st thing you see in a characther or unit profile.
What makes a good warrior from a bad one is the amount of fight he got on his profile, the more he gets, the more skilled is the warrior.

Fight value goes from 1 to 10, and never bellow 1 or above 10.

A normal human warrior(warriors of rohan of warriors of minas tirith possess a fight value of 3 out of 10, an uruk hai for fight value of 4, and elven warriors normally have fight value 5 or higher)

how the fight value influence the combat?

when warriors are in battle you roll a dice for ea number of attacks they got, if your score a higher result on the dice(s) than you oponent, your warrios has won that combat.
If he result of both players are equal, wins the warrior who possess the greater fight value.

You also might notice a 2nd number next to the fight value, like: 3/4+, 5/3+, 6/3+ and so on.

That second value( /...+) means the result on the dice the warrior need to shoot his range weapon. orcs are not the best shooters 3/5+, but the elves are the best shooters in middle earth 5/3+.
Remember that the models need to be equipped with range weapons like bows or throwing spears in order to use that 2nd value.
If a warrior got a shield and sword and no range weaponry, just simple ignore that he got the range value :)

Warriors of minas tirith with bow (uses his profile fight value 3/4+ result to shoot his bow as well as his skill in melee, in the other hand a warrior of minas tirith with sword and shield, just need to use your fight value to the combat since he got no bow to shoot, so he uses only F: 3/-

hope this helped a bit understand the fight value and the range shooting value :)

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by suiunicui » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:47 am

For the second question, 6/4 meens that your opponent must roll two dice, and they must a 6 and a 4, or higher

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by layzer » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:13 am

ah i see now. That makes more since now. Also say a gondorian attacks my balrog and i get to roll 4 dice and he roles 1 he gets a six and i get a two 6's does that mean i win? or it is the highest dice vs highest dice then it would be who evers fight value is higher wins?

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by Domobomb » Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:07 pm

The Fight value is just a tie breaker.

It is the single highest dice that are compared.

Two 5s don't beat a 6, and One 6 from a balrog will beat Ten 6s rolled by Minas Tirith, because the Balrog has the highest fight value.

Also, if the Balrog and a Goblin swordsman are fighting 1 Elf warrior, the elf rolls a 6, the Balrog rolls 4 1s, and the goblin rolls a 6.

The Elf has a higher fight value than the Goblin and would normally win ties, but in this case he does not win. The Goblin uses the fight value of the Balrog, and the Goblin's 6 beats the Elf's 6.

Also, when there is a tie, and the fight values are equal, it is usually determined by another roll: 1-3 Evil wins, 4-6 Good Wins.

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by layzer » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:03 pm

okay thanks! that really clears things up! :D

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Re: qeustions on rules

Post by respect92 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:31 am

Don't want to be boring but, about question two, did you(suiunicui) meant to roll two dice at the same time? Because it works like this:
For exampel 6/4:
-lets say you hit with 7 arrows, first you need to roll the nimber to the left, in this case 6. lets say you score two six and the reast 1-5.
-take the two sixes and re-roll them. Now you need 4+ to wound. lets say you got one 5 and one 3. This result in the model taking one wound.

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