Should I get into this game?

Delve into the world of Middle Earth and discuss tactics, strategies, and anything you want about the Lord of the Rings Battle Strategy Game.
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Should I get into this game?

Post by LordHamshire » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:45 pm

I've been playing Warhammer/Warhammer 40k and I was wondering how the general community felt about the gameplay and such. I honestly kind of like some of the models more than the Warhammer ones (not because of model quality, I can tell you that) simply because they seem less cartoony and more serious medieval action: ... 73x627.jpg ... 73x627.jpg ... 73x627.jpg ... 73x627.jpg

Plus the models are actually pretty cheap. I mean I sustainable army in this game could be under $200. Which is amazing when the average Warhammer army will cost you more along the lines of $300-$500. My biggest concern is that because it is less popular, the teams will be less updated and such... But I don't know, you tell me.

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Re: Should I get into this game?

Post by Korsarro-Khan » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:49 am

i think LOTR is a good game. I love the game mechanics,and plus i like Lord of the Rings.

As for it being less popular, that is true, but im sure if you had two forces, people would be willing to play with you.

Yes the models are cheap, i mean 24 for about £20, thats cheap compared to 40k's 10 marines for £20, or 5 terminators for £27

As for models being updated. They probably wont be, ever. Because they are based on films and books etc, they are not really able to update and improve the models, because they dont really have anything they can improve, its not like warhammer where they can update and make the models look completely different, with LOTR, they have to make the models look like what they are in the films.

However having said that, they can, and have been bringing out new models, armies you wont have seen in the films. To make as much money as they can out of LOTR, they have been bringing out armies that may have only been mentioned once it books.

As for the rulebooks and sourcebooks, i doubt the rulebooks would be updated (and personally i dont think they need to be), as for the source books, they may get updated, but i doubt it.

GW are planning something for the hobbit movie when it comes out, whether it will be a different game or just an expansion of the range i dont know, but i think when the movie comes out, LOTR wil gain popularity.

But anyway, they are just my views and opinions. Personally i love Lord of The Rings game, i think the game system is good, and i like the models. And as i said before, even if no-one plays it near you, if you have two forces, someone will be willing to play with you.

Are you going to be doing skirmish or War of the Ring, if you are doing skirmish, this is how i would collect. Dont focus on one army, get a range of models allowing you to create multiple scenarios etc etc, so then if you do get someone to play with you, its not the same game over and over again. For example, i have the mines of moria set, after xmas, im gonna get some urak hai and rohan warriors (probably) and an evil hero, and im gonna build on from there so i can create various different games so my friends do not play the same game over and over again

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Re: Should I get into this game?

Post by respect92 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:18 am

I think and really hope that they are going to release new sourcebooks soon. I looked thru ALL sourcebooks at GW:s site. The only books that where available was:
-the main rulebook(of course)
-the fellowship of the ring journeybook
-the two towers journeybook
-the return of the kin journeybook.

For those who don't know, journeybook are the books that include senarios from the movvies/books. Also they include some terrain and painting guides.

Looking forward to see what they have planed with the hobbit movie.

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Re: Should I get into this game?

Post by layzer » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:23 am

I like it. Mainly cause its alot simpler than 40k. Me and my friend recently got black reach to try out and the rules are an absolute clusterbomb to our brains DX

-Cool creatures
-great mechanics

I never see people playing it at my hobby shop other than me and my friend :/ but im sure that will change with the hobbit.

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