If a player wants to play Rangers in SBG.... Best Route?

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If a player wants to play Rangers in SBG.... Best Route?

Post by AnPeter90 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:18 am

I been eyeing rangers for a long time. Sure their head size on the plastics is a little intrusive, but nonetheless it has been drawing to me.

I see a few routes for a Rangers list:

-Grey Company
Can get 100% Rangers, obvious choice.

Must take WoMT, which is okay but not preferred.

-Black Root Vale
Must take other Fiefdoms, though I thought about converting some ranger models to represent Lamedon units to make it seem Rangers. However Fiefdoms are mediocre compared to the other options due to a lack of spear-armed archers and the like. They can take banners on their archers though!

Does anyone have experience with doing Ranger-heavy/pure lists and would know how best to approach them?

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Re: If a player wants to play Rangers in SBG.... Best Route?

Post by respect92 » Mon May 15, 2017 1:30 pm

Probably you wont read this but if you do:

Im playing a list with 100% rangers (almost). Im also having Malbeth. His 5+ fate is pretty good with the D4 of the rangers. Then I have Halbarad as leader. And believe me, that 6'' banner that makes your archers automatically pass courage tests is really worth it many games.
With grey company you always going to have more warbands then your opponent, so you can should remeber to use the environment to your advantage.
But do remeber, in SBG, archery arent very good. And when they added -1 to hit if you move. Well, it makes your army less mobile since there is always the question shall I move and lose accuracy or stay and hopefully take down an extra enemy.

Still, they are F4 so can pick up a pretty good fight. And with the banner even better. So I would say go for it!

My best moment was when I took down the witch king on armoured horse with ten shots :)
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