If a player wants to play Rangers in SBG.... Best Route?

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If a player wants to play Rangers in SBG.... Best Route?

Post by JamieD110 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:34 am

I been eyeing rangers for a long time. Sure their head size on the plastics is a little intrusive, but nonetheless it has been drawing to me.

I see a few routes for a Rangers list:

-Grey Company
Can get 100% Rangers, obvious choice.

Must take WoMT, which is okay but not preferred.

-Black Root Vale
Must take other Fiefdoms, though I thought about converting some ranger models to represent Lamedon units to make it seem Rangers. However Fiefdoms are mediocre compared to the other options due to a lack of spear-armed archers and the like. They can take banners on their archers though!

Does anyone have experience with doing Ranger-heavy/pure lists and would know how best to approach them?


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