Searching for Minas Tirith Scenario?

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Searching for Minas Tirith Scenario?

Post by MartinL » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:58 am

A number of years ago, the group I gamed with put on a big LOTR scenario for one of our monthly "games days". I'm almost positive it was a published scenario from GW but I've lost touch with the old group and now I can't seem to find the write up.

It was a huge scenario involving the forces of Mordor against Minas Tirith. The board had the walls of Minas Tirith along one table edge with the rest of the board mostly open. The Mordor side included a large number of Mordor Orcs, several Trolls, Haradrim and IIRC two Mumaks. The Minas Tirith force was similar in size and included war machines and archers on the walls, but most of it started in reserve and would sally out the gates of the city as the game progressed. I actually bought a second set of the Minas Tirith walls (it takes two sets to completely cover a 4 foot table edge) and a second Mumak years ago with the idea of some day restaging this scenario for a con or something.

I've got a pretty complete collection of the supplements and rulebooks published by GW but I can't seem to find the scenario in any of them. I'm wondering if it might have been published in WD? Does anyone remember this scenario or where I could find it?

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Re: Searching for Minas Tirith Scenario?

Post by SweetSorrow » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:26 pm

I don't remember where your exact one is, but if I recall correctly the scenario itself is in the Return of the King Rulebook as well as in the War of the Ring book, of course the latter would require some tweaking for you.
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