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How to wipe Gorgoroth orc horde

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:20 pm
by respect92
This is for Wotr

Found a way to wipe a orc-formation of any size in one round:

At least one company khazad guard. Add more to increase the surviveability.

Defence 3 or less:
When you get in combat you wound your enemy on a 3+. With two-handed weaps it +1 and bane +1. Totaly +2. This means automatic hits. If your normal attacks arent enough to wipe them, use Gimli to do his Epic Rampage. Which gives another roll to hit on each succesfull hit. Results in unlimited hits :)

Defence 3 or less with shields:
Same as abov but must attack in side or rear.

Defence 7 or less:
As at def 3 but also activate Gimlis Epic Rage aswell. Remember that this reduce his formations defence to 3, which make it very likely you also can get wiped.

Just a tip to all good players that have been having trouble with gorgototh orc horde

Re: How to wipe Gorgoroth orc horde

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:48 am
by Hurin
Fantastic, Respect92! This formation would be dreadful a surprise for all orcish adversaries!
It is certaily worth of trying to improve it, so that it can be used against wathever enemy.

Now what about the following.

At least one company khazad guard (but again strongly suggested to add more).
Saruman the White (allied).

In the movement phase before company charges, or it is charged, Saruman casts Dark Fury upon the khazad, so that all of formation 1s and 2s throws will be rerolled (then he leaves the formation). He can also cast Shatter Shields against the enemy, thus now def 7 is down to 5, and def 5 is down to 3. In the fight Gimli uses Epic Rampage.

Melee against defence 5: strength 5, +1 (2hw): hit with 3+, but 1s and 2s are rerolled!
Result is unlimited hits. Bye Gorgoroth horde, among the others.

Melee against defence 7: strength 5, +1 (2hw): hit with 4+, but 1s and 2s are rerolled, so you miss the 3s only: expend a few Might and there are no misses in Gimli's company at first strike -> 8 casualities; at third strike 6 casualities, then 5, 4, 3,3,2,2,1,1,1 (rounded down): 36 casualities scored by Gimli's company alone (only formations of 6 or more companies may survive).

Re: How to wipe Gorgoroth orc horde

Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:43 pm
by respect92
Sorry to make you disapointed but:
-you can never re-roll a re-roll.

Your hits with 1s and 2s re-roll would still inflict heavy damage.
For counting say they have total 12 dices to roll (for one company).

1st roll:
8 hits, 4 misses
4 misses re-rolls =2,66 (totally 10,66 hits)

2nd roll is(10,66 dices) :
7,1 hits, 3,56 misses
3,56 misses re-rolls =2,37 hits (5,93 hits for 2nd roll, 16,59 totally)

3rd roll is(5,93 dices):
3,95 hits, 1,98 misses
1,98 misses re-rolls =1,32 (3,3 hits for 3rd roll, 19,89 totally)

4th roll is(3,3 dices):
2,2 hits, 1,1 misses
1,1 misses re-rolls =0,73 hits (1,83 hits for 3rd roll, 21,72 totaly)

So after 4 rolls you've hitted ~22hits/company. This is just in theory. In real you could get alot less but also alot more. Thats why you need abilitys that gives +something to hit (to get 1+ to hit) to have certain unlimited hits. Re-rolls are useful but you cant hit unlimited hits with it.

Re: How to wipe Gorgoroth orc horde

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:00 pm
by Hurin
You're right Respect92, 1s and 2s can be rerolled but once. You need a further +1 beyond that give by 2HW, but apparently there aren't any such powers or heroes beyond the "bane" weapons.

Anyway, futher hosts able to reach unlimited hits in a single strike (providing them with an appropriate weapon such as dwarfbane) are:

- uruk-hay berserkers with Ahmdur;
- half-trolls with Ahmdur.