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Help needed

Post by Nappen » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:16 pm

I am not sure what to do with my LOTR stuff. I think I want to keep at least some of it for now but not sure what is worth keeping, how it plays out with armies etc. I have a smattering from a lot of armies and not sure if they can come together coherently, what else I would need to make them playable etc.

below is what I have, any thoughts on what I could do with them, what is just way out of place etc. Do I have a pile of poo or is there some good stuff here?

Unexpected journey set with radaghast, small rule book and scenery, pluse extra scenery.
Hobbit Trolls: Magnetized bases
Hardcover Hobbit Rulebook
Return of the King Rulebook
Fellowship of the Ring Rulebook
Loose figures:
Nazgul on foot
Golum on a wall
Great Eagle
Boromir on horse
Boromir with horn X 2
Aragorn on Horse
Aragorn X 2 poses
Gandolf with staff
Gandolf with sword and staff
Sam Wise
Ring on pedestal
2 Uruk-Hai Captians
17 Uruk-Hai with weapon and shield
20 Uruk-Hai with spear
31 ork with spear
4 ork with bows
11 ork with hand weapons
9 Goblins with hand weapons
6 Goblins with bows.

New in Box
Riders of Rohan
Warriors of Minus Tirath X 2
Warriors of Rohan
Wood Elf Warriors
Gladhrim Warriors X 2
Warriors of last Alliance
Mounted ring wrath #2
Moria Goblin Commanders
Mordor Troll
Easterling Warriors
Isengaurd Commanders
Hunter Orks on Fell Wargs
Dweller in the Dark


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