Gûlavhar, the Terror of Arnor

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Gûlavhar, the Terror of Arnor

Post by Peregrin » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:03 am

I'm painting this guy for a friend.
I was just wondering if anyone uses him for the LotR/Hobbit SBG.
I've looked at his War of the Ring stats, but I'm curious how effective he is with the current Hobbit ruleset.


Just have a little pre-shading done so far.
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Re: Gûlavhar, the Terror of Arnor

Post by francisco » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:09 pm

I can reply to that

hes on Moria&Angmar Sourcebook (angmar faction)

Hes a Spirit/monster 200pts

move 12" Fight 6/4+ S8 D5 A* W4 C* M3 W3 F0

Resistant to magic, Terror

Immortal Hunger:
At the end of the turn in which GUlavhar kills a model, he regain a single lost wound earlier in the battle.

Strenght of Body Strength of Will: Gulavhar always has the Attacks and Courage value equal to his remaining wounds.

As game Wise hes nasty with the combination of the new monster rules, like rent and throw and barge... Being highly mobile and Highly S he can wound targets easily, even high defence monsters like mordor trolls.
Hes nice to resist spells since he got 3 will (+1 anytime he get on the effect of a spell, always rolls even 1 despite having no will regardless)

He got nice number of attacks at start.. although some set backs..

1st he cost almost as twice many ents
2nd hes defence 5, so hes very squish for an expensive monster
3rd he got low courage, smart enemy oponents can play that on their favour, terror model types like glorfindel, elrond, even wizards or other terror types cna be nasty.
4th he got no fate points which is nasty...
5th he depends 2 much on what he kills

So experience tells me hes ok to fight big heroes when hes full attacks, but hes sort of model to pick up small fights or take elite models in most times or throw troops around, so be very carefully playing with him....


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