Fallen Angels Army Project

Post your painting WIPs here!
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Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Imperia » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:21 pm

TL:DR at the bottom

I have almost finished painting my Deathwing Army, and my Thousand Sons is pretty much all done in terms of what I want to own, save for just wanting a variation of sorcerers, and now I thought it would be time to start an army I have wanted to do since I got into the hobby proper

The Fallen

I'm not wanting anything to do with the updates for Fallen coming in the Rise of the Primarch book, I'm using the Chaos Space Marine codex and I still plan to use the Traitor Legions Supplement and utilizing Legion rules that I want to use or I feel that will fit the list I want to make.

Fallen to me epitomize the old virtues of Caliban and the Legion Era Dark Angels, but more-so the Knightly Orders of Caliban. This is because all of the Fallen were trained on Caliban and never left until they were cast through the warp, taking only their knowledge of Caliban and the massive influence that Knightly Orders had on the Dark Angel Legion. Although the Dark Angels have found a new spin on their traditions partly due to wanting to get away from their old-ways which spawned their darkest secret.

Fallen then should be a Close-Combat force, like how the Heresy-Era Dark Angels fought. Like Knights!

My current vision of my Fallen force, which will essentially be an 'Infinite' collection, where I imagine I'll always be constantly adding to this force and letting expand to no real limit, whereas I have no desire to really get more Dark Angels as all that would be is Terminators and Dreadnoughts, and Thousand Sons, whilst having been given so many new toys, I feel I have a comfortable force to represent a faction that I've always liked, especially with Magnus.

When I tried to think about what I could convert to be Fallen, I realized all Infantry should be pretty easy to do, by taking Dark Angels Company Veterans as a base and then adding on weapons/helmets/details etc.

But I tried to think which unit would be best, and be able to look impressive on the table, my initial thoughts were Chosen, considering the Fallen are quite literally limited in number they can only survive if they are especially skilled, or even chosen to survive... But I felt that Chosen have a tough time being used as a CC unit on the table-top, as the CSM Codex struggles to get these potentially awesome CC fighters actually into combat without having to buy the Land Raider, which is very expensive and not efficient at transporting multiple squad (Having to buy 3 Land Raiders gets very pricey points wise) So I thought about how I can reflect the Fallen being the Knights they are, wait a minute that is it! KNIGHTS. Chaos Knights, If I can use the Fantasy Chaos Knight's horses and put a marine on one, then that is like a Chaos Knight in 40k, a warrior trained in the ways of Caliban's Knightly Orders, besides in a display window in a shop is some Chaos Knights with Slaaneshi Marines riding them which I really like. So I decided on Chaos Bikers, and as for a Horse =/= A bike, well if some *magic* was involved with that horse it could run as fast as a bike, besides Guardsmen Rough Riders can already go as fast as bikes, so why should a Warp Spawned war beast be any different?

What legion rules are best for CC and Chaos Bikes? The World Eaters, their Butcherhorde Formation allows bikes to be freakishly fast on turn 1, with all the 1st Turn Charges they are able to pull of with the World Eaters Artifact, Talisman of Burning Blood. So I for my 1st list which I am collecting towards, it involves lots of bikers!

Initial Target:

3x Chaos Lords on Bloodcrushers (Chaos Varanguard as the Bloodcrushers)

27x Chaos Knights (3x9 Chaos Bikers on Chaos Knight Horses)

20x Fallen Marines (2x10 Chaos Space Marines that are Fallen-ised)

4x Fallen Terminators (1x4 Chaos Terminators)

1x Fallen Dreadnought (1x Helbrute)

1x Chaos Spawn (Butcherhorde Tax)

I already have an 1850 List designed using those models and I plan to work towards that first, then an Alpha Legion themed list to replicate the Elite Fallen working in the shadows to spread Chaos. (Chosen and Cultists)

I plan to make everything by Kit-Bashing

Any power armoured infantry I can make by bashing Company Veterans and Chaos Space Marine bits
Terminators can be made with Chaos Terminators bashed with a box of Deathwing Terminators (Which include both Knights and the normal kind)
As for the Helbrute, I think if I take the Chaplain Dreadnought from FW, and desecrate it enough with bitz I should be able to pull it off.
The Chaos Lords I want to do the same as the Bikers, but to represent them being on BloodCrushers, I will use Varanguard, which are horses, but much larger, taller even than Blood Crushers but not as bulky IIRC.

The Knights and Varanguard will of course have marines riding them.

Now that I have ranted and wrote far too much about my upcoming army project :oops: , I can get to posting my WiP of the Fallen!

TL:DR I am making a Fallen army for Chaos Space Marines, ain't using Rise of the Primarch stuff.

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Re: Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Imperia » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:41 am

Got the very first Fallen created, just some tests on how I want to design the Infantry.

These guys will be basic Chaos Space Marines, as I am swapping out Boltguns for CCW and Pistol for a CC Squad, the 1 guy with the Shield will most likely be the Champion

Group Photo:


Fallen 2:

Fallen 3:

Fallen 4:

Fallen 5:

Apologies for such massive photos but this is the 7th time I've tried taking photos and using various sites to host and edit the photos, next time they should be much better, and I'll be able to sort out better lighting and background!

Obviously still lots of cleaning up to do on the models, not my proudest models as I assembled them very late at night but I had just got the trade for 5 sprues of Chaos Space Marine parts and couldn't wait, I also dug out old Dark Eldar bits to stick onto the models but have far more bits to have fun with.

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Re: Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Kovlovsky » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:31 am

Somehow I missed this thread. It will be an epic project for sure! I love your kit bashed fallen marines. They've got a lot of character, but they keep enough of the DA aesthetic to be easy to recognise. I hope to see more soon.
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Re: Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Number6 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:36 pm

I will be looking forward to seeing more on this. I have been plodding along with my Dark Angels, while trying to figure out a way to do up a proper Fallen force. My goal is to put together a force of Luther Loyalist Brothers who, after being isolated post Fall of Caliban, finally had the veil lifted and their eyes opened to the true evil that is the Emperor.

I've got some Forge World Dark Angel torso's, Shoulder pads, and heads. My plan was to mix those with some MkIV armour from the Calth set and veterans boxes.

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Re: Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Cherubael » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:32 am

Also looking forward to seeing updates for this. Love that you have such a clear vision and plan

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Re: Fallen Angels Army Project

Post by Coops » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:43 pm

Very cool. I like these a lot.


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