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2 question in fact =p

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:02 pm
by michel
alrighty then.

first off the only problem ive noticed with the site is last couple months, when i log in i alwaya use tab to get from my username to my password then i press enter and it always worked.
now if i do the same step when i press enter the 2 fields become blank and i got to retype it and then click on the password tab and then click enter for it to work? don't know if its me or a bug but just thought i would report a minor issue

secondly. ive been looking for a webcam that hold its focus on object. since i did do painting toturials a while ago and now i got annoyed of my cam auto focusing my paintbrush without me noticing for until i was done recording.

now i know that miniwargaming uses the Microsoft life-cam but i would like to know if it is this particular one (microsoft lifecam 6ch-00001) but it might not be necessarily be the same model name but i was wondering can you lock the focus on a specific range with it, so it does not focus everything that passes in front of my models

thanks a lot

michel boyer