starting eldar any tips

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Re: starting eldar any tips

Post by Exan » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:18 am

old wolf is right i ave some of my eldar that where off ebay and it takes more work to fix those then starting out brand new out of bow. but i like useing the "drive bye" methode with my tanks, fly them in with there loades drop them off and then let the troops do there thing then pull the tanks back to narras with the wraithlords and jetbike.
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Re: starting eldar any tips

Post by pieboi » Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:58 am

There are basically three eldar are my favorite two for lack of time

1. Heavy support: my friend plays this army. Field one tank and one dark reaper squad per 500 points at least. The rest of your army should be made up of one or two wraithlords and at least two ten man dire avenger squads(with EXARCH). And a warlock makes a great leader for your dire avenger squads The basic strategy to play this army is to take out all of your opponent's stronger models. Take advantage of Eldar range. fire it out and keep your dire avengers safe until your enemies infantry gets close then move forward and bladestorm a few squads.

2. Swarm: an Eldar tactic that is extremely hard to use. I do not recommend it as it requires a lot of strategising. Wait until you know the codex by heart to use this one. Your army should consist of one falcon, one close combat wraithlord, many guardian squads with support platforms, at least one squad of dire avengers, and led by Yriel(or the farseer that can use doom and fortune forgive the spelling please). Start out by bringing your guardians to bear while laying down support fire with your tank and wraithlord. Then fire your guardians at enemy INFANTRY NOT VEHICLES OR HQ!!!! the falcon should have the lance so it can destroy tanks for you. Anything stronger should be taken out with your dire avenger squad(using bladestorm, doom on the target, and fortune on the squad.

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Re: starting eldar any tips

Post by shield61 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:53 pm

i dont have a large eldar army or the codex but just by reading statlines i would pick up an autarch and a farseer as hq. btw this is just how i would bulid my eldar army im not tellin you what to do cause my friends blame for tellin em what to do though i just give sugesstions. i would at least one guardian and avenger box for the troops. on yeah i would also get storm guards to.

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Re: starting eldar any tips

Post by Lordpike » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:55 am

@Marsdreamer Eldrad can go in ANY Eldar army not just Ulthwe, the days of the Craftworld book is long gone.

As far as what to start with I agree with most, 2 Battleforces, a Farseer, and I say a box of extra Dire Avengers. Other than that look at the codex and buy the units you think look fun (as an Eldar player I have found you will end up buying ALL of the different units eventually so no wasted money by experimenting). Just try not to look at the different units and think any of them suck, everyone has favorites but overall they are all really useful in the right circumstances.
As an example I thought Harlequins sucked butt when I started playing because I didn't look past the 5+ save(which is decent since it's invul) and I didn't understand how rending worked, now they are quite possibly my fav melee unit as they can use a shadowseer to keep from being shot, rending is awesome, and they still have fleet :D
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