Grey Knight Sales Help

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Grey Knight Sales Help

Post by ozzy » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:20 am

Hey everyone, looking to sell my army but unsure how much to sell it for and would like some ideas of prices from people, it would cost in excess of £200 to buy it all new and everything is in good condition, and those opened are magnetised and painted. It is a 100 point army and everything is there for someone to get started. Here is a list of my things...
Box of terminators (unopened)
Box of terminators (magnetised and painted)
Brother captain stern (unopened)
Box of grey knights (unopened)
Box of grey knights (magnetised and basecoated)
Box of grey knights (magnetised and painted)
Citadel Base: Abaddon Black (around ¾ full)
Citadel Base: Caledor Sky (3/4 full)
Citadel Base: Leadbelcher (1/2 full)
Citadel Base: Leadbelcher (full unopened)
Citadel Layer: Auric Armour Gold (more than ¾ full)
Citadel Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet (near ¾ full)
Citadel Gahenna's Gold (1/2 full)
Citadel Layshut Copper (1/2 full)
Citadel Layer: Iraker (more than ½ full)
Citadel Layer: Lothern (3/4 full)
Citadel Layer: Runefang Stear ¾ full)
Citadel Layer: Wazdakka Red Paint (3/4 full)
Citadel Layer: Ushabti Bone (3/4 full)
Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade (near ¾ full)
Citadel Shade: Drakenhof Nightshade (3/4 full)
Citadel Baneblade Brown (basicly full)
Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil (more than ¾ full)
Citadel Technical: Imperial primer (half full)
Citadel Detail Brush
Citadel Fine Detail Brush
Citadel Standard Brush
Citadel Medium Dry Brush
Citadel Plastic Glue Thin (basicly full)
2mm Drill bit and magnets for models
Citadel Paint Palette

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Re: Grey Knight Sales Help

Post by BewareOfTom » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:35 am

well, I wouldnt value paint very high, as there is a big risk of it opening during shipping, and as for unopened stuff, go for 30-40% off (finding online stores for at least 20% off is easy, alot also have 30%)

for assembled and painted stuff I say 45-65% off retail depending on quality, or how hard it would be to strip all the paint off
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