40k 5 Mission Campain

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40k 5 Mission Campain

Post by grey-crowe » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:11 am

Hello, yesterday i made a campain that involed and showed what points you can have i tryed to make it as orgianl:

This is the back ground, on the planet damosit V there is a area in the desert has a great strategic place for the battle for the control of the world

Misson 1: the manufactorum seige, this could suppy for extra resoureses
Deployment: Spearhead
Mission type: Kill team,
If not 750 points, capture and control, 1 Objective in middle of board, first player to hold it for 3 turns wins.
Winner gets advantage in final battle.

please leave your comments about your thoughts.

Mission 2: nobody likes stalemate, both sides lauch a offensive to break the stalemate.
Deployment: Dawn of war,
Mission type: seize ground, 1000points, winner becomes attacker.

Mission 3: break the front line. the attacker lauches a attack on the defenders front line,
Deployment: pitched battle,
Mission type: seize ground, 1200points, who ever wins gets to give 1 unit vetren abilities, rule book page 263,

mission 4: close to defenders base,
Deployment: dawn of war,
mission type: annihilation, 1500 points, who ever wins gets first deployment and will go first.

mission 5: the last stand, who ever wins, is the victor of the campain,
Deployment: spear head,
Mission type: annihilation, victor of battle 4 deployes and goes first no stealin I. who won battle 1 gets a free 75 points, Apocolypse(2000+) or just a 2000+ game.
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