IG's MWG Third Company. 15 more men needed!

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IG's MWG Third Company. 15 more men needed!

Post by IGfanatic » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:50 am

Men of the planet Earth! The Emperor requires your service in the mercenary force Yourks Own! The MWG Third Company requires your sacrifice!

So a long time ago, I decided I'd do themed companies (most of them would not see battle, but would be cool), and my third idea after the Off Topic second, was the MWG Third Company. A mechanized infantry company, so lots of chimeras.
Now there won't be room for everyone on the forum unfortunately (over 17000 users is too much infantry) so I will only be taking a certain amount, around 200-250 users other than mods will be accepted...(mods already are the elite Mod Squad Rough Riders on scout bikes, and Matt and Dave are Creed and Kell). So basically if you want to go down in history of an IG army, post here. Most will have las-guns, but some people with many posts or I have seen on the forums for a long time I will make sergeants, special weapons holders, or chimera drivers. I know not all positions would be filled but maybe a few people would like to have their name in an army.

Also I have no idea the colour scheme yet...I'm thinking something Green, yellow and White.

Edit:No numbers will be put on bases.
1: Runawaysmalzzz
2: Sonofkitrinos
3: Silentbob
4: Icy Brain
5: Rangrok
6: Irishwargamer
7: ayanami55
8: something
9: Ursa06
10: Beware of Tom
11: Fighting Gopher
12: Crusherfex
13: Jbrown
14: Nocturus
15: Darknedlight
16: Fluffyfen
17: Nonebutone
18: Clabbage
19: Ivellios
20: Embergem
21: Ryan
22: Tau-ranasaurusRex
23: Falcon
24: Steelhalo
25: Theninjanid
26: Chaos Farseer
27: Griffinthemad
28: Pheonix
29: Jayertheslayer
30: MortisLegio
31: IPlayThisGame
32: m14
33: Caramel Khan
34: kilpikonnas
35: Ascended
36: andlord
37: darthty
38: Sirwaaghsalot
39: xtroopers9
40: Zweedish9
41: fred2437
42: Tmb
43: Ashran
44: Khani
45: Zero
46: lildedguy
47: Wiful1
48: Commodore Awesome
49: madcat75
50: UndecidedFactors
51: Nerd13
52: imperialork3
53: slaughtergames
54: DarkApostle
55: venomedpenguin
56: suiunicui
57: xcommissarx
58: lordofchaos
59: Bounty90
60: wilderjoe
61: JnP
62: Blademeister
63: Treq2112
64: Smurfyk
65: gman1401
66: DracoAvian
67: lildedguy
68: Commodore Awesome
69: Clarkie
70: Berzerker22
71: briansun
72: blahman212
73: broran
74: Fingon888
75: Tuomir
76: LAAT501legion
77: Swivel-Chair
78: MorrisBoy94
79: xanshep
80: destuctir
81: Tre
82: Makarov
83: RedSpy1
84: stickmaster97
85: Valandil
86: dcrabb
87: an25
88: genso6
89: Ironclad-Warrior
90: NotSoNinja
91: gruf
92: sebastionsynn
93: Wulfrun
94: ZombieChick!
95: daemon slayer
96: AaronMint
98: Devedor
99: eNi
100: DemonKrypton
101: WandalfTheGhite
102: Countryrobin
103: Morcac
104: mmdehart
105: TyranidSwarmlord
106: Ricer
107: Italus-Cro
108: FloodBane
109: Magnus01

Edit #2: The spread sheet on who is in what squad.

Platoon One Chimera's.

Chimera Squad #1- FightingGopher (Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Smoke Launchers, Dozer blade)
Chimera Squad #2- Rangrok
Chimera Squad #3- venomedpenguin
Chimera Squad #4- TheTemplar
Chimera Squad #5- Ironclad-Warrior
Chimera Platoon Command #1- ZombieChick!

Platoon Two Chimera's.

Chimera Squad #1- Devedor

Tech-Priest#1 Nonebutone (by popular demand)

Squad #1-
Sergeant: SonOfKitrinos (PM me on wargear)
Trooper 1: Runawaysmallzzz
Trooper 2: Ryan
Trooper 3: Falcon
Trooper 4: Irishwargamer (vox)
Trooper 5: ayanami
Trooper 6: Ivellios
Trooper 7: Ursa
Trooper 8: Jbrown
Trooper 9: DarknedLight (Special Weapon)

Squad #2-
Sergeant: m14 (Bolt pistol, melta bombs, krak grenades.)
Trooper 1: xtroopers
Trooper 2: gruf
Trooper 3: andlord (melta)
Trooper 4: Caramel Khan
Trooper 5: Icy Brain (vox) Kills 1.
Trooper 6: Griffinthemad
Trooper 7: Pheonix
Trooper 8: Jayertheslayer
Trooper 9: MortisLegio

Squad #3-
Sergeant: Ascended (Bolt pistol x2)
Trooper 1: kilpikonnas
Trooper 2: darthty
Trooper 3: Sirwaaghsalot (Plasma Gun)
Trooper 4: Zweedish
Trooper 5: fred
Trooper 6: Wiful
Trooper 7: Commodore Awesome
Trooper 8: madcat (Vox)
Trooper 9: UndecidedFactors

Squad #4- (Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol)
Sergeant: Embergem
Trooper 1: Nerd (vox)
Trooper 2: imperialork
Trooper 3: slaughtergames
Trooper 4: DarkApostle
Trooper 5: suiunicui (grenade Launcher)
Trooper 6: xcommissarx
Trooper 7: lordofchaos
Trooper 8: Bounty
Trooper 9: wilderjoe

Squad #5-
Sergeant: Fluffyfen (Plasma pistol and melta bombs)
Trooper 1: RedSpy1
Trooper 2: Steelhalo
Trooper 3: Tau-ranasaurusRex
Trooper 4: IPlayThisGame
Trooper 5: Tre
Trooper 6: lildedguy
Trooper 7: JnP
Trooper 8: Blademeister
Trooper 9: Treq

Platoon Command For Platoon #1-
Junior Officer: BewareOfTom (Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)
Medic: Crusherfex (las-pistol and CC weapon)
Platoon Standard: Something
Special Weapon: Theninjanid (heavy flamer)
Vox officer: Chaos Farseer (upside-down vox)

---Platoon #2

Squad #1-
Sergeant: Tmb (PM me on wargear)
Trooper 1: Smurfyk
Trooper 2: gman
Trooper 3: DracoAvian
Trooper 4: lildedguy
Trooper 5: Commodore Awesome (grenade Launcher)
Trooper 6: Clarkie
Trooper 7: Berzerker
Trooper 8: briansun
Trooper 9: blahman

Squad #2-
Sergeant: Ashran Junior (PM me on wargear)
Trooper 1: broran
Trooper 2: Fingon888
Trooper 3: Tuomir
Trooper 4: LAAT501legion
Trooper 5: Swivel-Chair
Trooper 6: xanshep
Trooper 7: MorrisBoy94
Trooper 8: destuctir
Trooper 9: stickmaster97

Squad #3-
Sergeant: Khani (PM me on wargear)
Trooper 1: Valandil
Trooper 2: dcrabb
Trooper 3: an25
Trooper 4: genso6
Trooper 5: daemon slayer
Trooper 6: AaronMint
Trooper 7: eNi
Trooper 8: DemonKrypton
Trooper 9: Morcac

Squad #4-
Sergeant: Zero (Plasma Pistol, Meltabombs and Power Weapon)
Trooper 1: Countryrobin
Trooper 2: NotSoNinja
Trooper 3: TyranidSwarmlord
Trooper 4: Ricer
Trooper 5: Italus-Cro
Trooper 6: WandalfTheGhite
Trooper 7: FloodBane
Trooper 8: Magnus01
Trooper 9: mmdehart

Squad #5-
Sergeant: (PM me on wargear)
Trooper 1:
Trooper 2:
Trooper 3:
Trooper 4:
Trooper 5:
Trooper 6:
Trooper 7:
Trooper 8:
Trooper 9:

Platoon Command For Platoon #2-
Junior Officer: Nocturus
Medic: Clabbage
Platoon Standard: Wulfrun
Special Weapon: sebastionsynn (melta)
Vox officer: Silentbob

Mod Squad: Ronin, Blue, Asro, Soria, Vass, Luna, Stephen, Solid_Smurf, Zeruel and DavicusPrime.

Matt (Creed)
Epic Duck Mike

Edit #3: FLUFF!!!

Yourk stood at the head of the holo-table, his face was lite up an eerie blue from the image floating above the table. A world. Four other men stood in the room across the bale from him.

"Matt, Saphe, Joury and Yimun." Yourk said, each man nodded his head as his name was called out.

Matt had blonde hair and a medium frame. His right shoulder pad stood out in the gloom. A bright orange. The trade mark of the MWG third.

Saphe had his hair in its usual part Mohawk and his sunglasses hanging from his urban camo shirt. The leader of the OT second.

Joury still had his pilot uniform on, some thought he never took it off. His chin and lips were the only facial features visible under his helmet. He was the Warrant Officer of the Airborne Fifth.

The last man, Yimun, had the traditional skull mask of the Undead Army. The Seventh and secret company of Yourks own. Very few knew of them, and most of the men who knew about it were in this room.

"Why is he here?" Matt asked, pointing his thumb to were the masked man stood silently.

"That is not of your business if he shows up to briefings or not." Yourk answered sharply. Matt just shrugged and left the conversation dead in the air.

After a few seconds of silence, Saphe broke the the silence. "So...what is the problem?"

"New Desidero. The governor asked us for help since the Imperium thinks it is a waste of their time. Reports are of flesh wearing servitors and regular servitors attacking small towns." Yourk said. The holo-table flipped to the next image of a close up to a robot with human flesh as a cloak. It was hunched over and had long fingers that had an edge as far as they could see.

"Cronie..." The skull masked man said.

"Yup, this is a tomb world alright, but they don't know that. We do our job, minimum casualties and get out with our supplies." Yourk breathed. "The MWG third will strike and the machine cults and the OT second will find that tomb."

"So he gets the easy job?" Saphe asked.

"Yup, and you get all the glory along with extra Rhasvod." Yourk answered.

"Great! I'll get the men ready!" Saphe exclaimed and ran out the room, a smile on his face.

"So where does the Undead come in?" The skull masked man asked.

"Vetmenuel started the machine cults. I have confirmation from an old friend." Yourk said.


Matt stood beside his loyal friend and commissar Dave as they watched the men of the MWG third board the drop ships. Chimeras were also being loaded up with the soldiers.

"Something doesn't sit right with me. It's been close to a month since the first necron was sighted so why haven't they emerged in full force?" Matt asked the commissar.

"Something wrong with repairs? Cave in destroying most of the forces? All I know is we got the easy job. I hear Phanatic has to take the first platoon down there first. Feel sorry for that poor officer." Dave answered.

"Ha! Well we should come out with no casualties. Can't say the same thing with Commander Saphe."


The men of squad five were in the barracks, prepping their gear when their sergeant Nocturus walked in.

"Room!" Silentbob yelled and everyone snapped to attention.

"At ease. Nocturus said and grabbed his pulse rifle off the rack next to the lasguns. Matt had allowed him to keep it as a trophy, Matt allowed anyone to keep anything as trophies for their hard work.

Steelhalo and Tau-ranasaurusRex were cleaning their las-guns while IPlayThisGame was helping Silentbob get the vox strapped on his back. Where the nicknames had come from was beyond anyone in the company. Noc quickly briefed them on their assignment. Their half squad was to assist m14's squad assaulting a monastery.


Yourk watched the men of all three companies board the drop ships. The Undead of course were getting on the dropships through stealth. No one was allowed to see them. But if you knew where to look, you could see them.


Nonebutone was doing some last minute work on a chimera when something caught his attention at the corner of his artificial eye.


---Scanning Complete---

---Bio signature unknown---

Nonebutone was sure he saw someone. There was a 0.12% it was nothing and 5.4% chance it was a mouse. Then he saw another figure move in the shadows.


---Scanning Complete---

---Bio signature unknown---

Someone was definitely there but Nonebutone paid no attention to it. He had already figured out who it was.


"ChaosFarseer! Your vox is upside down again! Ninjanid, help him please!" Tom ordered.

"It is? OH It is! That's why it was so hard to put on!" ChaosFarseer exclaimed.

Tom hid his face with his hand as Something dropped to flag again.

"Something, do you want to switch with someone who can CARRY A PIECE OF CLOTH?!" Tom yelled at him.

"Sorry sir! It's so heavy though!" Something replied and picked it up again.

'This mission is gonna be a long one' Tom thought as he saw crusherfex accidentally drop the medi-bag on Ninja's foot, who in turn, yelped in pain.


Sergeant M14 stomped with trooper Fluffyfen tight in his grip all the way to Nocuturus' squad. He punched the pad on the door and threw the trooper in.

"Noc! Take this man in your squad! He don't deserve to be in ma presence!" M14 yelled, his voice thick with a foreign accent.

Noc looked up from cleaning his pulse rifle. "Oh?"

"He has insulted the great Stilane!" M14 continued to yell.

"Who?" Noc said, he now took out his pulse pistol which he had spent many weeks setting up an ambush on Antiga IV to take out a Crisis suit to get it.

"The great leader of Soveints!" M14 continued to yell.

Noc quickly aimed the pistol and shot off the pamplet on Fluffyfen's shoulder. "Your in Gamma now." He said to fluffy, then to M14. "Get out of my armory." M14 was shocked but quickly left.

Fluffyfen stood there in shock.

"Don't just stand there! Get your las-gun and a new pamplet." Noc ordered and sat back down, returning to cleaning his pulse rifle.


SonOfKitrinos had already loaded his men on the drop ships and now watched FightingGopher drive the chimera up the loading ramp. The machine was beautiful to was the least. The green paintjob and orange tread guards were a perfect watch for the MWG third. In the distance he saw the urban camo uniforms of the OT second board their drop ships.

He remembered what Matt had briefed the squads on. over a dozen chapels in the hive and neighboring towns had to be retaken from the machine cults. It was going to be a hard mission.


After almost five hours of preparation, the drop ships left the various hangars on the Redemption and headed to the surface below. Valkyries flew behind them, as an escort and carrying some of the Undead with them, though most hid in various places on the drop ships.

Yourk stood on the bridge of Redemption and watched the hulks of metal fall. He knew not all the men would return of course, that was after all the horrors of war.


Tom turned to his vox-officer after the hit the gravity well of the planet.

"ChaosFarsser, if you'd please start playing the inspirational music, please?" Tom asked.

"Yes sir!" ChaosFarseer said and switched on his vox so everyone in the drop ship could hear him.

"Attention, attention! Is this thing on?" ChaosFarseer asked, several yeses were heard from the hold. "Good! This is your Vox-Officer speaking, I shall begin playing inspirational hymns that may or may not be the last thing you hear! Doesn't that sound great?!" Chaos spoke into the Vox-Horn.

This time there was grumbling coming from the troops.

"Great! Our first track will be for our glorious, burning, decent into the combat zone!" Chaos said, against the protests from more troopers.

Tom closed his eyes as Ride of the Valkyries played, he enjoyed his job sometimes...


When the men of the MWG Third and OT Second landed outside the Hive city of Wenti, they immediately went to work setting up their forward base of operations going into the hive, catacombs and neighboring towns and hamlets. It took them almost the rest of the day to get the barracks, motor pool, command, airstrip and mess built from the supply drops, but once they were done, it looked efficient and sturdy.

In the morning when the sound of the bugle played from ChaosFarseer's vox again, Tom had been standing on a pedestal with his best sword hanging from his hip. He had left the power fist in care of the Tech Adepts.

"Men of the MWG Third, today is our day to show Yourk that we are a fighting force that deserves harder missions, better equipment and better pay! Do this with the utmost efficiency and brutality and win this war before lunch break! For the Fallen!" Tom finished, and the men yelled with him "FOR THE FALLEN!"


Noc had his men in the Valkyrie Onto Mornings Ray's and M14 has his man in another valkyrie that Noc had not paid attention to the stenciled name on the wing.

SilentBob sat across from Noc and the other men were sitting on either side of the two men. All had locked their weapons in the harness beside the seats, though Noc had his pulse rifle across his lap, pulse pistol in it's harness and the chain-sword in the case above his head.

Their first objective was to storm the town of Iuniyu and then Noc and M14 would take the large monastery. It was the most important assignment in this entire platoon.


When the Valkyries did their first fly by of the town, and came around again, the men had the Grav-Chutes strapped on and were ready to jump. Runaway stood there with his las-gun not moving though his squad mates were already jumping out.

"Get a move on!" SonOfKitrinos yelled and pushed the trooper out before jumping out after him.

When Alpha Squad landed, they were already being fired upon from well held positions.


Nocturus had dived behind another small destroyed wall. The stones would not be able to hold off the las-gun fire for much longer, and he knew as well as the cultists.

"SilentBob!" Noc called through his vox-bead. SilentBob was across the street, firing from a well held position by Delta squad. SilentBob quickly ducked as a less fortunate guardsman beside him had his head blown off by a lucky shot.

"Yes sir!" Noc heard through his vox bead.

"Get those Valkyries to do another strafe, we are never going to get across the street like this!" Noc yelled and realized he had to move again soon or be killed.

"Yes sir!" SilentBob replied and Noc began to move.


"Covering fire!" IrishWargamer yelled as he saw the sergeant move across the street. He and three others beside him stood and began firing on full-auto. When Noc had reached the rubble of another house, they crouched behind the remains of their own cover.


The side door opened on the Valkyrie and a skull masked man gripped the heavy bolter with his gloved hands. Over his vox bead he could here the sergeant of the other valkyrie getting a man on the heavy bolter on the other ship.

Private first class Cory Tumin of the Undead seventh company, powered up the heavy bolter and aimed at the town. Green smoke filled the area where he was supposed to aim at, he aimed and fired.


Noc watched as the Valks past high over head, four valkyries had done a pass and were circling around, firing the heavy bolters into the street.

"Glory be to the Emperor! CHARGE!" Noc yelled and hoisted himself over the cover he was hiding behind, drawing his pulse pistol and chainsword.


M14 punched the first cultist in the face while he spinned and gutted another with his chainsword.

"Praise be to the great Stalien!" Yelled M14, then quickly yelled again "And the Emperor!"


Tom was taking on three cultists at once, but he had already smashed several into the pavement. He was not worried. He pulled back as another knife tried to catch him, ge grabbed the arm with his ungloved hand then crushed the mans skull with the power fist. The other two decided it was time to run.

Ninjanid blocked their escape with a heavy flamer and sprayed them with liquid flame.

"Barbeque is on the menu boys!" Ninja yelled as the two men flailed around, burning.

Tom turned and looked out the window in the swirling melee, men on both sides were dead.

"Into the fray men, CHARGE!" Tom yelled and vaulted through the window. "Stop for no one!"

The men of the MWG third still in cover followed thier officer into the fray.


The melee had only lasted a few minutes and the cultists bodies out numbered the dead of the MWG third 3:1.

"Strike them down men! Press the attack you dogs! Take the objective at all costs!" Tom yelled, inspiring the men to charge forward, cutting down the fleeing cultists as they tried to enter the monestary.


"Sir, you have an important message from Matt!" Silentbob said as they stood outside their objective, recovering ammo and las-guns.

Tom grabbed the horn and the voice wasn't Matt's.

"Get your men out of there now. That is an order Tom." The voice said.

"Who am I speaking to?" Tom asked.

"Private first class Cory Tumin."

"I do not answer to lowly privates!" Tom yelled and slammed down the vox horn.

"Noc, get your squad ready! You and M14 are taking the north side! Everyone else on me!" Tom ordered as the Valkyries did another pass.


Phanatic and the first OTers entered the hive city, all was quiet he noticed. Though last time he was in a hive city, there was a lot of death.

The men walked through the spires and stores. Phanatic thought is was too quiet now. Hives should be bust, whether or not there was a war, and where were the necrons? They were on the lowest level of the hive! Then it hit him.

"GET DOWN!" Phanatic turned and yelled to his men as las-shots rained on them, killing many in the first volley. The survivors ran towards cover, leaving the dead and wounded in the second volley. Half the men were dead already! Phanatic had his sonic blaster still and aimed out of his cover and fired above him, Destroying a balcony and the bodies that fell were PDF.

"What the hell is going on!" Phanatic said to his vox officer Valandil.

"I don't know sir!" Valandil yelled as he fired at their assailants above.

Several more troopers of the OT were gunned down by las-fire. Then the shots stopped.

"Phanatic! Get your men to toss your weapons out and you'll live!" Someone yelled from above.

Phanatic gazed around at the men across the street under cover, dragging wounded soldiers that were in reach under cover. There was only seventeen of them left out of the fifty that had entered twenty minutes ago.

"Who am I speaking to!" Phanatic yelled back, he had his sonic blaster ready. He was hoping to pick out where the voice was and fire there.

"Inquisitor Kelman! You have thirty seconds to comply!" The man yelled, Phanatic could not figure out where the voice came from.

"Men throw out your weapons." Phanatic said and threw his blaster and bolt pistol into the middle of the street as his men did the same. The seventeen men walked out into the street with arms raised and a detachment of PDF scurried out to collect their weapons. The Inquisitor walked into the street from the entrance of a building.

He approached Phanatic directly. The man was a giant in his silver power armour. He was bald and had a scar across his brow.

"Why did you do this?" Phanatic asked and gestured to the dead men around him who had been mercilessly slaughtered around him. The remaining men were being cuffed and their ammo taken away.

"Because, this was the perfect ambush to get Yourks attention. You see, you are outlaws and should be killed on site, but we need you to destroy the Eldar pirates once and for all." The Inquisitor said, his voice was deep and shook Phanatic.

"Why not just ask?"

"We have." Then to another PDF sergeant. "Has the enemy reached the chapel sergeant?"

"Yes sir! Though our forces were slaughtered there! We have confirmation on that." The PDF sergeant reported. The PDF wore a purple khaki outfit.

Phanatic clicked his bead while the Inquisitor was looking away. He was hoping command would here the next sentence.

"So what is in the chapel?" Phanatic asked.

"Well since you are most likely to die soon, I'll tell you. There is at least ten Astartes there from the Lightning Fists chapter, along with another five platoons of PDF." The Inquisitor said.


Back at command, a technician was listening to what was being broadcasted to him from an officer named Phanatic.

"Um Colonel Matt sir? You might want to listen to this!"


Noc signaled to m14 to get his squad in position. The Valkyrie's were still over head, flying in circles. The chapel was huge. At least five stories tall and was made of marble. Stain Glass windows covered the Northern wall. The images of the God-Emperor displayed in vibrant colours. Shame they were about to be wrecked.

Noc slapped on a melta bomb and ducked as the melta bomb exploded, shattering the stain glass. Noc and m14 jumped through to window, their squads behind their leaders.

At the end of the room were two Adeptus Astartes in full red armour. the gauntlet was yellow an the left pauldron had a lightning bolt displayed across it.

"Astartes! Fall back!" Noc yelled as the two giants turned to them and opened fire, shooting from the hip. The holder of the only Melta gun was unlucky enough to be torn in two from the bolter rounds.

The other nineteen men hid behind pews, but their cover was slowly evaporating.


Silentbob was already on the vox, asking for a Valk to come in low and open fire with the bolters.

"Affirmative. We'll wait for smoke." The pilot said. Silentbob called over the man beside him who had grabbed the melta.

"Smoke 'em!" Silentbob yelled. The trooper stood up, firing the melta one handed as he threw the smoke canister at the red giants. Unfortunately he wasn't quick enough to duck back down in time. His head exploded and the melta dropped to the ground.


Cory Timun got the thumbs up from his sarge again. The MWG guys did not know when to quit an attack.

The Valkyrie hovered near the window and Cory saw why they needed another supporting fire from the valkyries, two Space Marines stood, firing from the other end of the room. Cory aimed and fired.


Noc felt the Valkyrie outside before he heard it over the gun fire. Most of the pews disintegrated before the gunner hit the first Adeptus Astartes. The red giantwas knocked back a step but quickly recovered from the heavy bolter shots. Another Valk added to the firsts bolter fire but it wasn't enough. The Astartes threw a krak grenade into the hold of the first. Noc turned to watch three men jump out before the Valkyrie exploded in a fireball. Shrapnel shredding the gunner on the other Valkyrie.

"Fall back!" Noc yelled to the surviving men. There was no way they were going to win.


Cory had jumped out of the Valkyrie just in time. His las-gun had been on the Valkyrie but he still had his demolition charge. He heard the sergeant order to fall back, but he was an Undead, they took orders from no one.

Cory sprinted from pew to pillar to pew, demolition charge in hand. The Space Marines had yet to see him.

When he was close enough to make a break from cover and make it to the Space Marines he did. The Space Marines saw him and figured out what he was trying to do. Both opened fire, and their first shots were wild but quickly recovered. One shot ripped off Cory's left arm, but he still had the Demolition charge.

He was now barely ten meters away from the enemy. He dived the last bit between them and activated the demo charge.


Noc had his back turned when something behind him exploded. He whirled around and saw the Adeptus Astartes on the ground, holes blown in their chest.

"What the heck just happened!" m14 yelled at Noc.

"I have no clue." Noc said as he stepped forwards towards the dead Astartes. He saw the remains of a guardsman shoulder pad and an arm.

Noc turned towards Silentbob. "Tell Tom the first room is secured. We're moving on to the second." Noc ordered.


Phanatic and his men had been lead into holding cells. They had all their weapons and items except their clothing and flak armour taken away from them. It looked bleak for them until they heard the screams of men from upstairs.

"What is that!?" Tmb asked his officer.

"I have no clue." Phanatic said as he watched more PDF abandon their posts and run up the stairs.


Tom, Ascended, SonOfKitrinos and Embergem crept forward, their men behind them. The men moved from pillar to pillar and pew to pew. Images of the sacred Saints and Emperor watched them as the moved.

Tom stuck his hand up, calling for a halt when he heard a loud
BOOM coming from the opposite end of the monastery.

"That was a demo charge." Embergem said.

"You sure sergeant?" Tom asked, the men behind them checked their own equipment.

"Positive. I remember the noise from our last campaign. Our men aren't equipped with those kinds of explosives sir. The Fighting First or OT Second maybe, but they shouldn't be here sir." Embergem whispered.

"Damn it, the cultists must be equipped with good weapons then. Chaos, get over here!" Tom replied and Chaos hurried over.

"Yes sir?" Chaos Farseer asked.

"Get anything from Noc and m14 yet?"

"Just did sir, as you called me. There are Astartes here but they're been dealt with but with heavy casualties. They're moving to the next room. They're still a long ways away though sir." Chaos Farseer said.

"Damn it. This keeps getting worse. Tell them to hold their position until we can get second platoon here."

"Yes sir."


Noc had his men barricade the door with whatever surviving pews they could find. The large stain glass window behind them would be a problem they would deal with it later. Though the Valkyrie did a good job of protecting them from an outside view.

He sent two of his men searching for the melta. It had been lost in the fight.

m14 aproached him, holding two bottles. "Hey Noc! Look what I found in the other room! Rhasvod!" m14 exclaimed and held one out, which Noc took.

"I thought I told you to stay here. The rest of the platoon is still a good two hours away." Noc popped the cap and took a sip.

"We needed to clear the room, found weapons and this though. There could have been cultists hiding in there." m14 started gulping down his now.

"Well I won't tell Tom this time. Get your men to move the supplies in here. This room is pretty large, and we may be staying in here if the rest of the platoon runs into trouble."


Sir! I think I found it!" Fluffy ran towards Noc, metlagun in hand.

"What is it trooper?" Noc asked, his Rhasvod half finished though m14 beside him was on his fourth bottle.

"I found the meltagun sarge!" Fluffyfen said and held it up to show Noc.

"Good job, it's your responsibility now. Treat it good." Noc said and patted him on the orange shoulder pad.

"I will do my best sarge!" Fluffyfen snapped a salute, Noc returned it and Fluffyfen ran off to go brag to the rest of the squad.

m14 stumbled over to him. "Wanna know something?" m14 said. He was clearly getting drunk in the middle of the warzone.

"Getting drunk in battle." Noc said smartly.

"Pf! I swear to drunk I'm not Emperor." m14 said.

Noc rolled his eyes and m14 continued.

"I hear your up for a promotion to Junior Officer of second platoon." m14 said.

"You're drunk." Noc said and dismissed the fact. Some men stopped piling things against the large doors and turned to listen.

"It be true! I swear on Stalin and the Throne it be true!" m14 said, and raised his left hand, then quickly switched hands, realizing his mistake.

"Whatever." Noc said and left the drunk sergeant. "What are you all looking at? Get back to work!" Noc ordered as he entered the side room where they had found the weapons and booze. He pulled out a picture of his little boy from the Redemption. He was up there, probably wondering what adventure his father was on this time. Protecting him and his Ma from harm from the vile creatures that hunted them.


Not even Noc could take it out. :wink:

Tom held his hand up again, signalling the platoon to halt. The men hid behind pews, marble pillars and wooden crates.

"Something wrong sir?" Chaos Farseer asked.

"I feel like we're being watched. We haven't seen a single enemy since we entered this chapel." Tom answered, as he looked up to the rafters. "Get the auspex." Tom thought he saw something red in the rafters. Almost a second later engines whined and several red giants fell from the rafters, jump packs on their backs, slowing their decent. The men of the MWG third yelled and started firing into the giants but the las-shots only left burn marks from where they hit.

"Meltas, on me!" Tom yelled as he dived out of the way from an Astartes trying punch him. He quickly activated his power fist and punched the over-stretched astartes, killing him.

Meltas and bolters exchanged fire, while the infantry hid where they could. When a soldier holding the melta died, another took his place.

Tom felt pain coming from his chest and looked down. I single hole was in the middle. Chaos Farseer saw the wound.

"Crusher! Get over here!" Chaos Farseer yelled and caught his platoon officer before he fell. "Don't worry sir. If you die, it would be to something bigger, way more stronger than you, and you'd probably be unrecognizable among the other dead sir." Chaos Farseer said in his most calm voice.


By the time Tom woke up again, the Astartes had been killed and their dead counted. They had lost six soldiers in the skirmish, but that was due to luck and a lot of meltas. He tried to sit up but pain shot through him and a hand pressed him back down.

"Don't move sir, or your guts will come out again." Someone said, then Tom put a face to the name. It was Crusherfex.

"What happened?" Tom asked and relaxed.

"Bolt pistol wound. Lot's of internal bleeding. Took us an hour to operate on you. Nonebutone is going to have to replace some of your organs if you want to live past this month. Some shrapnel also get into your lungs so just take it easy and stay at the back of the platoon and you'll live." Crusherfex said as he pulled out a needle with the word "Morphine" on the side.

Crusherfex quickly injected the medicine into the officer then helped Tom put his officers shirt back on. The white bandage mostly concealed.

"Thanks Crusherfex." Tom said and with Crushers help, stood up.

"Just doing my duty sir."


m14 burst into the room Noc was in.

"Noc, we problem a have!" The drunk man said, but Noc understood.

"What?" Noc asked and got up, taking out his pulse pistol and unsheathing his chainsword.

"Cultists are attacking!" Fluffyfen said and entered the room, melta in hand.

"Damn it! What are their numbers?" Noc asked and exited the room, m14 and Fluffyfen in tow.

"Almost fifty sergeant." Fluffyfen said.

Noc assumed control of the two squads seeing as the other sergeant was drunk.

"Men of the MWG third! If we die this hour, we shall do so by taking at least half their number with us! Avenge the Fallen and be ready to join them! For the Fallen!" Noc yelled and revved the chainsword as the cultists broke through the barricaded double doors, splinters of wood and chunks of marble flying everywhere. Dozens of men in purple uniforms charged through the entrance, bayonets fixed and las-guns firing.

"For the Fallen!" The men of the MWG third yelled and charged into the enemy.

Noc was taking on three in the first wave. All charged him blindly, using their las-guns as spears. Noc sawed off the first ones arms off at the elbow, causing the las-gun to fall and the man to stumble to the floor, screaming. Noc twirled and fired his pistol into the second, the head evaporating in a red mist. The third was almost upon him and Noc kicked him in the gut, winding the man and causing him to fall to his knees. Noc decapitated the man before moving on to help the drunken sergeant who had at least twice the men Noc had just killed, fighting him.

Noc fired his pistol three times, killing two and wounding a third. He cut across the spine of one who was turned and m14 jumped on the last two, chocking them.


None stood in the lead chimera. They had been driving all day. Second platoon had been called to help in the attack after the OT second officer uncovered the plot of the xeno hunters.

"How much time left Gopher?" None asked, his mechanical voice did not affect the driver.

"Now." The man replied and the chimera shook. None looked through the front most view port and saw that they had rammed through the back wall. None entered the hold which contained his servitors and the second tech-priest, Loota. Loota had the ramp dropped and the servitors were already filing out and entering the fray.

"Well...it...looks...like...we...found...two...squads...just...in...time..." Loota said. His voice was much slower than None's.

"It seems that way. Let's go fight for the Omnessiah." None said.

"For...the...Fallen." Loota said and ran towards the swirling melee.


Tmb and Ashran Junior rallied their squads together before charging into the deadly melee. Now Nocs and m14's remaining men saw the reinforcements they tried harder, pressing every opening in an enemies defenses. Within a few short minutes and when the last bayonet gutted the last enemy did the fighting stop and the survivors collected themselves.

"Logis Loota, Magos None, I thank you on behalf of my men for saving us when you did. Without the timely rescue we would have joined the Fallen for sure." Noc said and saluted though he would get none in return. The two red robed figures stared at him for a second then None said. "We could not stand the thought of Tom's men dying now. Not when there is an ancient technology in this very temple."

"Ancient technology?" Noc asked puzzled.

"By my authority, you shall redeploy with us and head into the catacombs of this temple and help us find this technology. For the companies glory of course."

"We were ordered to hold this position in case the main force pushes any enemies this way." Fluffy walked up and said, meltagun in hand.

"Direct orders from Yourk himself. Also I have a personal message from him now." The magos said and handed over a tablet.

By direct orders, Sergeant Nocturus is promoted to Junior Officer of Second Platoon effective immediately until further notice. Also, Private First Class Fluffyfen shall take place as Sergeant until a more appropriate candidate is found.

Second Platoon is to assist the Magos by any means necessary.

For the Fallen, and our home worlds until the day we die.

Yourk Renaze.

Fluffyfen peered over Noc's shoulder as he read the tablet.

"Well sir, may I keep the melta." Fluffyfen asked.

"Oh, yes priv, er sergeant." Noc said and read the tablet again.

"We...must...hurry...before...the...enemy...finds...this...weapon." The Logis said slowly.

Noc turned to Fluffyfen. "I trust you to hold the line and make sure m14 doesn't do anything stupid."

"You can count on me sir!" Fluffyfen said and saluted, holding the melta by his side with one hand.

"Good, men of second platoon, form up!" Noc yelled and felt a moment of happiness wash over him as he finally got the rank he always wanted when he first signed up with the guard almost five years ago. Now he was part of a deadly rogue force and commanding more than a squad. His family would be proud!


Tom stayed in the middle of his platoon as instructed by the medic, though the main reason was he didn't want to over work himself and see his insides on the floor in front of him. It had been no more than fifteen minutes since the marines attacked his men.

He had said a few words for the few who died in the attack. He whispered the words again.

And I wont cry
When you are gone

Keep on thinking
It won't be long

I won't die now
That I'm alone

I'll Keep on fighting
It wont be long

He looked around after he whispered the words and saw a couple of soldiers looking at him.

"Eyes forwards!" Tom barked at the men who whipped their heads forwards, looking straight ahead.

When the platoon stopped, Tom pushed himself to the front, trying to find the source of why his men had stopped. As he pushed the last man aside he found out why. A single man in full silver painted, power armour stood ahead of them, staring down the officer.

"Surrender or die." The silver giant said.

"Why should we?" Tom said in defiance.

"Because if you don't you all die."

"Then we will join the Fallen." Tom said and activated his power fist.

Several gun shots rang in the air and several guardsmen dropped to the ground, missing their heads and the giants arm dropped again, the bolter reloading itself.

"On second thought, we'll surrender." Tom said.

"Good now dro-" The giant was not able to finish his sentence as half a dozen chimeras burst through the wall behind him and the lead one running him down.

"Good timing, eh Tom?" The voice of Noc said through the Vox Amplifier.

"That is sir to you sergeant Noc." Tom said, shaking at what just happened.

"Not anymore, got myself a promotion." The voice from the Vox Amplifier said again.

Tom shook his head and cursed Yourk.

"The squads are back at the end of the temple, we are moving out now." Noc said again.

"Whatever." Tom said and marched through the gaps between the chimeras and walked through the destroyed wall, his men in tow.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by runawaysmallzzz » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:55 am

I'm down to be a grunt with a lasgun. Make it one of the bayonet ones though. :wink:
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by sonofkitrinos » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:15 pm

i'll enlist!
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Silentbob711 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:57 pm

Sign me up.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Icy Brain » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:25 pm

I wish to be immortalized with as a medic. Or a guy with a flamer.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Rangrok1k » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:29 pm

I want to drive a Chimera!

Put a Tyranid trophy on the front of the vehicle too.

Also, color scheme should be Green, white primarily, with some orange and black.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by irishwargamer » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:19 pm

sticking out of the top hatch firing a melta gun!

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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by ayanami55 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:40 pm

Real men don't need power armor or good guns, sign me up.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by something » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:16 pm

Sign me up
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Ursa06 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:19 pm

If you make my model to be a corrupted guardsman with symbols of Chaos and Nurgle i would be sooooo grateful .... and maybe make some sacrifices in your name :twisted:
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by IGfanatic » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:20 pm

Icy Brain wrote:I wish to be immortalized with as a medic. Or a guy with a flamer.
irishwargamer wrote:sticking out of the top hatch firing a melta gun!
IGfanatic wrote:Most will have las-guns, but some people with many posts or I have seen on the forums for a long time I will make sergeants, special weapons holders, or chimera drivers.
Sorry guys...
Rangrok1k wrote:Put a Tyranid trophy on the front of the vehicle too.
Also, color scheme should be Green, white primarily, with some orange and black.
I do have left over nids and you have a 2000+post count so chimera for you...

As for the scheme, I think that may work...I'll test a model out when I get home.
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Icy Brain » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:38 pm

Edgass! Well, being immortalized as a random dude with a flashlight is better then not being immortalized at all.
To those about to Waaagh!, I salute you.

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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by IGfanatic » Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:26 pm

you'll have a name on the base. :wink:
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by BewareOfTom » Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:33 pm

Srg with a p.fist or a meltagunner plz :3
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Re: IG's MWG Third Company.

Post by Joe » Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:39 pm

Dude, I SOOOOOO want to be the wounded Guardsman.
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