Heros of War

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Heros of War

Post by Own3d_U2 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:01 pm

So in a nutshell heres whats going on.

Im writing a flexable campaign for the 8 armies that me and my friends share.

i want to ad in a suprise element and the idea is one im sure many before me have had. Heros of war.

Rarely theres a grand campaign without some epic story of a hero doing the impossible, like wazdaka turboing through a warhounds voidsheilds and killing the entire thing, or yarricks encounter with grazkul, etc.

So what i was thinking was this

Take one normal "Squad leader"
this could be a Shas'la, a syrabite, or a exarch.

Give him a few bonus's like extra equipment and/or special rules.

Bam, then we let the game work the rest out. in short it would be like having a mini HQ. the problem i'm running into is balance.

Heres my notes so far.

Special Campaign rules

The Hero’s of War.

With all Great Campaigns come legends of mighty heroes and insane feats. To represent this, every army is allowed to nominate one model as their “trump card” this model must be a Sergeant troop choice, (Squad leader, Syrabite, Shas’la etc.) and is allowed any of his normal equipment. The model also gains one of the following bonuses from each table. All heros automatically have 2 wounds and the eternal warrior special rule

Replace normal weapon with one from the armory
Dual basic weapons that can both be fired
Special equipment from the armory
Experimental tech that allows for a USR

+1 to any stat other than wounds or leadership
+1 to armor save

David- Retains Armor save vs Monsterous creatures, strength matches creatures toughness in close combat
Ancient- Gain Preferred enemy special rule against all enemies.
Sharpshot- reroll to hit when shooting

5 man retinue of troops.

Keep in mind, this is all just basic stuff, nothing is set in stone and im looking for some tips/idea/ etc.

Thank you kindly!
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Re: Heros of War

Post by Spifomie » Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:58 pm

Making these rules are really tough. Every army has their own unique style, stats, and weaponry. So to make this truly fair, its going to have to be a per-army basis. Otherwise, i can already see a couple of instances where its going to be terribly imbalanced/overpowered in some armies.

An idea, have your buddies playing in the campaign make some special rules for their special leader (which would be approved by the campain leader) that would be the equivalent of about 75 points of upgrades. That way everyone can personalize their seargant/minileader.
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