Rules Regarding Avenger

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Rules Regarding Avenger

Post by Jomgor » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:47 am

Getting back into playing since before 8th dropped was looking for some clarification on detachments comps. With a SoB battalion can i tack on my Avenger Strike Fighter in the flyer slot of that detachment since they share the <Imperium> word or would I need a specific <Astra Militarum> patrol detachment or something (or an auxilary detachment but im trying to avoid that)
sorry if it's a dumb question

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Re: Rules Regarding Avenger

Post by coldsteel » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:35 am

You asked so it's not stupid.

They can be an army based on the Imperium keyword but you lose any benefits to the formation granted by the SoB keywords. To keep the SoB benefits, you'd have to add a second detachment of AM to get the Avenger.
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Re: Rules Regarding Avenger

Post by Koonitz » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:31 am

coldsteel is right, but to add more details:

These details assume you are making a battleforged army (as most people outside narrative/open play do).

Your army as a whole (across all detachments taken) must share at least one faction keyword. That keyword can be as specific as, say <Ultramarines>, or as wide as <Imperium>. You may take any mixture of models across, and within, your detachments, so long as that one rule remains unbroken.

Some armies (pretty much all armies with a codex) have special rules for that army, assuming the models are all taken in a detachment of THAT army (ie: All models in that detachment share the same army faction keyword). For example, Space Marine Chapter Tactics (every army calls them differently, but the rules are granted in the same fashion). An Ultramarines unit with Chapter Tactics benefits from this rule if it is part of a DETACHMENT (note, not army) that all share the <Utramarines> keyword. If the detachment includes any models/units that do not have the <Ultramarines> faction keyword (say an Avenger Strike Fighter), the benefits of Chapter Tactics are lost for ALL units in the detachment.

With that being said, let's take a look at your example.

I am not currently aware whether the Sisters of Battle have a rule like Chapter Tactics. Most Index armies do not. Because they do not have such a rule, there is no penalty for taking units that do not share the same Sisters of Battle faction keyword. As such, you may take an Avenger Strike Fighter in the same detachment as your Sisters of Battle units. This, of course, assuming the detachment includes a "Flyer" battlefield roll slot. If not, you will have to choose another detachment that does include such a slot.

If, however, the Sisters of Battle DID have such a rule as Chapter Tactics, then the Avenger Strike Fighter would have to have the same Sisters of Battle faction keyword, or you would lose the 'Chapter Tactics" benefit by taking it in the same detachment. As such, you would need to include the Avenger in a separate detachment (how you do so would be up to you).

That may seem like a lot of words, but if you understand the core concepts of faction keywords, it's actually very simple.
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Re: Rules Regarding Avenger

Post by Jomgor » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:21 pm

awesome thanks for the clarity guys!


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