Legacy Formations and CP

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Legacy Formations and CP

Post by Ronin » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:22 pm

Hey everyone,

For a map campaign we're doing, we're going to allow Formations from previous editions to enter in and be used as detachments in battle forged armies. The formations won't get any special rules, but they'll be awarded CP to entice players to using them. My question is, how much should each formation get? I was thinking about doing a ratio depending on what the minimum number of units are required so for example:

2-5 units: +2 CP
6-9 units: +4 CP
10+ units: +10 CP

I gave them 1 CP extra because the players would be locked into having to use a set of units rather than having the flexibility to using the force. Any thoughts?

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Re: Legacy Formations and CP

Post by Koonitz » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:37 pm

GW has stated, and I still agree, that, largely, the current crop of detachments should allow you to field any army you could have previously in other editions. While there may be some exceptions, I do believe that the current selection should be more than enough to allow you to rebuild any formation from 7th under the current rules. As such, no perks or bonuses should be required, and I would recommend, instead, suggesting a simple +1 CP bonus for adding the additional restriction of a 7th Ed formation within the confines of 8th Ed's detachments. (ie: If you choose to build a 7th Ed formation, and end up using an 8th Ed Vanguard and Battalion detachment, you would get 4 extra CP as normal, but instead, get 5).

Unless you also want to give them the perks of the special rules granted by the 7th Ed formations, in which case you and I both know those special rules are MORE than enough incentive to use those formations, and I would not even grant them the basic CP award, let alone a bonus +1.
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Re: Legacy Formations and CP

Post by Bojazz » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:51 pm

I do like Koonitz' idea about using 8th edition detachments to re-create the old-school formations, however it doesn't work for every formation If you want to grant them CP. Each detachment in 8th edition requires an HQ choice, and there are many formations from 7th edition which don't use HQ slots. Aspect Hosts come to mind, about half the Harlequin formations, etc. In order to do this with 8th edition detachments your army would need to be made up of a ton of auxillliary support detachments, which grant no CP at all. So Koonitz' strategy would actually be punishing those players for taking Formations rather than encouraging them, which seems to be the opposite of the intent of the campaign.

Granting CP based on the number of units could encourage MSU spamming to maximize CP. How about +1 CP per 250 points spent on units within formations? So if your army had 1000 points of units in formation detachments, you would get +4 CP. This would result in a balanced number of CP regardless of whether or not you organize your army into MSU or fluffy numbers, and no matter which faction you use, since many factions don't have access to formations with 10+ units in them, or even 6-9 for that matter.

One side-question: How would the Green Tide formation work in your campaign? Normally you'd get a single unit of up to 100 boyz, but if the special rules are negated would the formation simply be a normal unit of boyz with a warboss?
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Re: Legacy Formations and CP

Post by Ronin » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:28 pm

Going by points actually sounds like a better idea although I'd probably make it per 500 instead of 250 since we are factoring in the +3 for being battle forged. I'm not too familiar with the green tide, but for Guard where they require a platoon, I'd say you need the old set up of platoons or as close as possible. So 1 platoon commander and 2 infantry squads (possibly the command squad too).


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